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Friday, September 30, 2011


linking up with jeanette for another week of insta.
life rearranged

i'm still on a blog sugar high,
digesting all the sweet i consumed last weekend!

did you know that sugar is an important source of energy for the body?

 well, blog sugar definitely energized me!

i came away with a renewed appreciation and passion for blogging.

watch out!

one of the highlights of blog sugar was getting to be with blog friend turned real life friend, kristen.
a.k.a "idaho mom."
she brought me cookies.
to say "i love her cookies" is an understatement.  i do NOT share them.
i've vlogged about her cookies here and here.
otis spunkmeyer should beware.
kristen's love language is gifts.
{i reeally need to be a better gift giver}
she brought me presents for my birthday.  which is 48 days from now.
{maybe you should make a paper chain to count the days till the big day
when i am in my middle upper 30's}

 one of the gifts was the game "tune baya."
kristen has been around me enough to know "everything's a song."
if this post was a song it would be to the tune of carley simon's "your so vain,"
and i'd be singing
"i bet you think this post is about kristen's cookies,
don't you, don't you."
{i think that was funnier in my head then it was in writing)

victory rd. get'n some sugar with idaho mom!
do you see my pleated poppy wristlet clutch there on the table between us?
i love it.
perfect size.
you should go buy one for yourself now.

post blog sugar breakfast at the old vine cafe in costa mesa
with these  blog sugar girls
did. not. disappoint.
the perfect meal to sustain me for the 6hr drive home alone.
{someone should travel with me next year. think about it}

i arrived home to my favorite sweets~
my family. 

the kids saw traces of cookie{s} on my lips, and roared in unison, 
"where's the cookies!?!"
i bribed them to play tune baya with me by paying them with cookies.

and now for a non-sugar, non-kristen, non-cookie update...

i've got big news! 

we are EXPECTING!!!

 a new refrigerator.
the proud parents are expecting it to be delivered late october.
{couldn't resist}

we're also in the market for new toilet seats.
i'm kinda bummed  {no pun intended}
about not having the same brand of toilet we had before.
i liked saying i was "going to church."
{"church" was the brand of the toilet}
and because you want to know every detail about my week

i was almost viciously attacked by a snake!
because noah MADE me "come and see it."
{cool moms get past their snake phobias to look at snakes}.
it was a tiny gopher snake {chills}.  
it was all snakey.
in the photo noah is antagonizing the snake with a fishing pole. 
he's one smart cookie {not}...
speaking of cookies i need to wrap this post up so i can go eat one four. 

until next week
{when i'm 5 cookie lbs heavier}


The Morris Family said...

We have one of those refidges!!! We love ours, although the reviews were not good or most were not good!!! Like the guy said at the store, wht appliance works for 5 years????? :/

deb colarossi said...

you almost got me !
I'm looking for distraction and only half focusing...
( in the hospital lounge, with my mom and her last days )

sending love

formerly known as emj said...

Next year ride with us!

Kathleen said...

I've decided our clutches are like the Travelocity gnomes...they're always showin' up in the background.

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Listening to the song on the link you sent me (again: ) In quite the prayerful state this week.

I love that we are both entering our upper mid 30's...although I'll be there first--a week from today to be exact!!

Also, did I read somewhere that texting and twitter are not your things? Why not? Just wondering...future blog post maybe?

Enjoy your weekend!

forever folding laundry said...

You had me going there for
about .86 seconds!
Yet I am almost as excited
for you getting a new fridge
as I would have been a baby.
{ok, maybe not really.}
But a new fridge is AWESOME!!
I might possibly be a tad jealous.


Erika @ Rouge & Whimsy said...

bahaha i laughed so hard when you said you were expecting a refridgerator!! lol. :)

sooo glad you enjoyed blog sugar... i did too!

(and i have a major snake phobia. luckily where i live there are very few.)

hannah singer said...

hooray! always love your instas!

congrats on your new baby fridge, thought of any names? ;)

Holly said...

Snakey snakes are the worse kind of snakes ever! It was so nice to meet you at BlogSugar and sit and chat with you. You are just darling and I'm enjoying your blog and your style. Have a great weekend!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

LOL... what a fun post! Such a sweet friend you have! Congratulations on the new fridge. ;) I totally have 'your're so vain' in my head now.

TDM Wendy said...

Next year. Blog. Sugar. Crazy. Madness. We are driving together. We might die of funness though.

{cuppakim} said...

girl i need a detox just from this POST.


and your waffle brownie suggestion to linsday? who ARE you that you come up with this stuff.

congrats on the new fridge. aren't new appliances the best babies? seriously. they never make a peep!

and ps my first vlog posts tomorrow :)

Gina said...

Congratulations on the new baby, I'm sure she'll bring you much joy...and fabulously fresh food ;)