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Friday, September 9, 2011


this is my first time linking up with insta-friday at life rearranged.
life rearranged
i've wanted to join the insta-friday party
{well, since like april, which seems like forever}

i'm still figuring out the insta-gram thingy
{i'm a slow learner, someone help}
i edited  my pix in picnic 
{as usual}
i think "insta" infers that i will not have to spend waste my time editing.
{really, someone help me!}
here's a peek into our crazy week

remember the house tour from the last 2 weeks??
well, i failed to mention that while you were touring the house here in blogville,
we were packing up the house. 
everything is pretty much in storage. 
we've been campin' out here all week. 
fun times...
for the kids anyway. 

it's been so chaotic here at  "the jones k.o.a."
that one day i went somewhere without a shower, touching my hair, and without lipstick.
you do that all. the. time. 
what if i told you i haven't done that since 7th grade would you believe me?
believe it.

another trip to the mini-storage to rent another unit to store all of our junk in.

my neighbor attempted to give me back our
 last week.
i told her to keep it. 

my husband has officially lost it. 
it's about time. 

i'm grateful for our friend, michelle, who invited us over in the middle of the craziness,
fed us, and let me veg on her couch.
couches are far cozier than the folding chairs here at our k.o.a..
friends who let you veg on their couch
are cozier than their cozy couches.

we made room for some fun in the midst of the crazy.

while noah and emilie were at youth group 
michael and i went on a date with josie to cpk. 
she wanted lettuce wraps. 
she loves lettuce. 
and yes, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.
we made room. 

"my kelli" was in town from AUSTRALIA 
so we met up for coffee.
the girls got a fancy chocolate milk and sat a few tables away doing there school work
{noah was in algebra class}
while we poured our hearts out to each other.
i'm think'n  home school should officially be changed to coffee shop school.

do you have that friend that when you are with them 
"the Jesus in you meets with the Jesus in them?"
kelli is that friend to me. 
infact i think the 
Jesus alive in her brings out the Jesus alive in me.
i really needed to be reminded He is alive in me. 

thank you "g.k."

guess who was asked to be a mentor mom for MOPS this year?
uh huh, me. 
am i old enough to be a mentor mom? 
i mean i'm only in my "lower-upper-30's"
but they wanted me. 
i know this, when i was a new mom in my lower 20's 
i looked to those "upper 30's" moms 
and was encouraged by their lives. 
they had survived and thrived!
i also thought they were old, 
but i'm SURE these girls don't think i'm old. 

 finally, this insta-gram photo is fresh of the press!
 guess who let her big sister wear her pink tutu? 
guess whose big brother is now wearing the pink tutu? 
  guess who's going to go try on the pink tutu??

happy friday!


Linda Z said...

I love how you camped at your house. Do you miss it so much? Are you doing ok?

Those MOPS moms are way blessed to have you!! You are such a great mom... I learn things from you all the time, and I'm in my upper-upper thirties. :)

Mindy said...

Thanks for the peek.

Stopping by from Life Rearranged :)

carrieinchaos said...

i totally have a friend like that. I just love it when I get to talk with them. Its JESUS through the whole conversation.

Gina said...

well, I think Jones KOA looks pretty fun....and now I'll say a little prayer for you for peace in the midst of what might just feel like chaos!

I also like the idea of coffee shop homeschooling, except I think my kids would be too distracted chatting with everyone who comes in....they are social bugs!

hannah singer said...

you edited your instas? lol

also, super makes me happy to see y'alls smiles!! hang in there, what an adventure! praying for ya! xo

{cuppakim} said...

dude. if i home schooled i would so put my kids in coffee shop school.

if i had kids too.