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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wiww~ blog sugar weekend wear

i'm linking up with my s.i.l., lindsey
{who i love.  a whole lot}
for another edition of wiww.
pleated poppy

i stepped out of my wardrobe comfort zone 
and into my 
zone this week, 
and wore skinny jeans most days with cowgirl boots. 
{i am from the "cowboy capitol of the world," and should be able to pull that look off right?}
you won't know whether i pulled it off or not
because i didn't get any pix.

i'll just have to wear the same outfits i wore last week this week and wiww them next week.
{did you get that?}
okay enough about what i wore that i didn't take pix of. 
here's what i did wear and who i wore it with
{because i got to be with some amazing people this week}

i wore this dress w/ these shoes.
to have dinner with my friend, beth, friday evening.
{melanie, beth, and i at "big emily's" wedding in 2007}

beth  lives in the middle of cali.,
and generously allowed me to crash at her place friday on my way to blog sugar. 
we snuck away from her darling family and had dinner together at p.f. changs.
but even more delicious than our dinner was our conversation.
we talked about God the entire time.
{sorry mr. chang for occupying our table 3+ hours} 
God alive and moving.
it was so good for my soul, 
and the perfect start to kick off my blog sugar weekend. 

dress- gap clearance
shoes- old navy
belt- maurices


blog sugar outfit

after pointless hours of shopping for something to wear to blog sugar
i read this post,
then landed on this outfit that i already had in my closet.

blog sugar was so much fun.
i miss the girls already.
a lot. 

{i must have said something hilarious to make kim laugh}

top- boutique san luis obsipo
cream cardi- target
skinny jeans- old navy
boots- online somewhere
lisa leonard necklace
cross necklace- from newt, an older gentlemen from our previous church that now resides in heaven.
{i love it}


monday a.m. a few of us met up for an eye pleasing
and mouth watering breakfast in costa mesa

top- somewhere a few years ago
gray belt- forever 21
gray cardigan- target
skinny jeans- old navy
boots- bass outlet {buy 1 pair get 2 pair freee!!}
lisa leonard necklace

this photo from our morning together sums up the entire weekend for me

EVERY SINGLE  woman i spent this sweet weekend with
inspired me
by the ways they

they embrace who God has uniquely created them to be
in their blogs, 
then use their blogs
for His BIG glory.

i'm realizing that i too need to embrace who God has 
uniquely created me to be.
 that i need to
for whatever it is He wants to do here
Victory Rd.
His Glory.


aPearantly sew said...

I have so enjoyed reading all of the Blog Sugar recap posts! Looks like you ladies had such a wonderful time. I hate that I live too far away to have attended!

Linda Z said...

You look sooooo pretty in everything!! "Show up for you life..." I like that! :)

Kathleen said...

Your pulled back, lightly curled hair is gorgeous!!

So glad your weekend was so wonderful. All the recaps sounds just amazing.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

You looked so cute on Sunday! (And on Saturday night too, for that matter.)

{cuppakim} said...

your outfit is adorbs denise. you have STY-UHLLL girl.

and you always are cracking me up. i think that is probably the face i have in 90% of the pictures when you are around ;)

Susanne said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. i had just clicked on your blog and was thinking how cute you were in your outfit to blog sugar!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Wow! What an awesome post! I can tell you had a wonderful time. Loved your Blog Sugar outfit. My favorite was the one with the grey(?) jacket, black shirt, jeans and black boots.

I followed you here from WIWW.


shopfreak said...

love that first black dress..i want to see the whole thing!

love that "show up for life" pic too..


Jessica Johnson said...

miss you more! and when are you NOT saying something that makes somebody laugh? ;)

Genn said...

Hi Denise!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was SO very nice to meet you and Kristen at blog sugar. You were lovely and I really enjoyed getting to talk with you a bit.
And of course your outfits are so cute!
can't wait to visit more of your blog... xo

Gina said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! and I love those outfits too :) Glad blog sugar was so fabulous, maybe next time I'll be there too!

Sharde said...

love the outfits! i really like that first top the best- it works well on your body it looks! loveeeee :)

sharde @ the style projects

katie said...

I remember meeting you and you were hilarious! I hope to see you again next year! : )

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Thank you for the link to the video:) Just what my heart needed to hear!!! You are so real and I feel fortunate to have met you! P.S. You have a great sense of style--maybe I'll link up with Lindsey sometime: )

Elizabeth said...

So glad to have met you Denise! You are adorable! Can't wait for next year! Give Julie a hug for me!

Stacy said...

I loved this...So sorry that I missed it...I can only hope that I will able to attend the next one!!! :)

hannah singer said...

you are super stylish and adorable. all the time!
god is so good, yes?
show up for life, indeed!! xo

Janna said...

Loved your blog sugar WIWW looks!