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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wiww- 1985 edition

linking up with the s.i.l.
with a self-imposed retro edition of wiww.
pleated poppy

as many of you know we have been in the process of moving. 
the move is complete, and we are settling in at our temporary home...
which happens to be ON a lake
{don't dis me}.

during the packing process i came across some totally radical items from my childhood. 
including my barf me out awesome gym outfit from jr. high, 1985-87! 

i had to BRIBE and BEG my 7th grader, emilie, to model this fine ensemble.  

my gym outfit was from bianchi's
{for those of you reading this from oakdale}.
my tennies {which are long gone} were pro-wings.
i was mortified by them, 
and thought they were
like, gag me with a spoon,
and that only dweebs wore them.
the preppies had reebox.
i was a preppie wannabe
i'm way over it now.

i had a slight astigmatism when i was a child, 
and wore glasses when reading to correct it.
{which it did.  phew! right?}
in 1985 i thought my glasses case was like totally tubular!
blue with geese was all the 80's rage
{had the nester been decorating her home in the 80's she totally would have rocked
a blue w/ geese theme in her nest fer shur}.

emilie, you were a like a totally good sport for wearing
my grody to the max polyester gym clothes. 
you were missing just one thing to make this outfit fantabulous...
a flock of seagulls feathers hair style.
tell me, 
what was the gnarliest thing 
you "wore wednesday" in 1985? 
{for those of you who were alive in 1985}.


Kathleen said...

Yet again you have me giggling! Hope you are settling in nicely.

Wonder said...

this is a great post! i had glasses just like that :). it does just take time to feel at "home" in a new place. happy day to you!

Anonymous said...

1985 . . . I was six . . . first grade . . . I'm pretty sure I had a mullet. And hideous brown glasses.

The 80's were an amazing time . . .

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

The gnarliest thing I wore? Probably pants tucked into scrunchy socks! What were we all thinking?

Great feathered hair! I did the same thing the year I graduated from high school.

I followed you here from WIWW.

My WIWW Post

Linda Z said...

Haha! Emilie is looking good!! I think the P.E. outfit is actually super cute! I love that it's green! My mom had those huge glasses... you would have matched. :)

I probably had a wannabe Izod shirt and some scrunchies in my hair around '85. :) I also had some sort of duffle purse with a rainbow unicorn on it. :)

Jessica Johnson said...

just when i think i can't love you any more you go and post this??!! LOVE you. ummm. Let's see. I was definitely alive in 1985. And I was 9. So I'm thinking I was definitely rocking a rainbow Guess sweathsirt. Maybe a little Hypercolor? And jelly bracelets. Lots of jelly bracelets.

denise said...

Love this post! In 1985, I was in elementary school and sporting feathered bangs and my first pair of (yes, oversized) eyeglasses too. I also seem to remember a pink sweatshirt with puffy white geese on it. Lovely.

{cuppakim} said...


i had that exact same gym bag. in 1992. same green too.

but our gym outfits were different.
long gone.

i was a live in 85 - but i was a tidbit younger - still rockin the velcro shoes for sure.

and i may have actually been eating in a blue geese kitchen.
which btw, is STILL a blue geese kitchen.
my mom had taste.

in the 80's.

TDM Wendy said...

I think the duck glasses holder is the very best.