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Friday, September 23, 2011


linking up with jeanette 
for another week of insta-goodness!

life rearranged

 toasting marshmallows for s'mores on the beach with friends.

papa dan & emilie canoeing.

 apple pie gum.
yum! it's like thanksgiving in my mouth.  

house inspections.

 In-N-Out, the number one reason i will never move out of cali.
ketchup & mustard instead, add pickles, with grilled onions.
how do you In-N-Out?

dropping our  jr. highers off at youth group.
i still can't believe i am the mother of two jr. highers!

one last  jump in the lake to knee-board followed by a trip to miller's for ice cream

i asked michael to pick me up some "flowers" for our anniversary.
ben & jerry's cinnabon are my kind of flowers.

oreo cookie pancakes!
my kids' response was, "you rock, mommy!"

and because i've not consumed enough sugar this week....
i'm headed to BLOG SUGAR!!!!

where i'm going to overdose on sweetness

Happy Friday!


{cuppakim} said...

YAY! Only 3 hours left til I get to leave work and hit highway 5 wootie woot! :)

OREO PANCAKES?!? Why did I not think of that? I want you to bring me some. Or make me some. At blog sugar. Bring a hot plate. :)

Love all of the lake pictures. And post-lake activities should always include ice cream. Always. You guys seem to be good at that.

See YOU and all the other HER's in a measly two days! :)

AmyQ said...

speaking of "flowers" for your anniversary.. did you see the movie Stranger than Fiction? I LOVE the part where he brings her "flours"!! cinema greatness. watch it if you haven't ( not with the kids tho )

Tiffany said...

What great photos! You live near a lake in California? I'm in Northern Cal. Apple Pie Gum? Really? Reminds me of Willy Wonka!! Found you via InstaFriday! Cheers.
Tiffany @

forever folding laundry said...

WOO to the HOO!
Can't wait to see you!!

And I get the feeling we'll
get to see Vlogging Denise
this weekend.
Call it a hunch?


Charissa Steyn said...

Oreo Pancakes and apple pie gum!!! Oh my goodness what a treat ;) Never experienced either of these!

hannah singer said...

denise!!! i love you!!!

Amy said...

so, so great meeting you last nigh! can't wait to peek at your blog and get to know you better! take care and have a fantastic week! amy ;-)

Janna said...

Hi Denise - It was great to meet you in person. If you uploaded your video will you send it to me. You were cracking me up - I was so nervous speaking on camera since my voice sounds so weird to me! Anyway, I wanted to say hi and tell you that I'm at a new place. I used to be at 2cool4myMinivan, but now I'm at

Leslie @ top of the page said...

it was soooo awesome to give you a squeeze this weekend! real live you! you were cracking me up with the "blog sugar cam." :) and yes...i heart cinn. ben and jerry's and my in and out order: #2, mustard, pickles, lettuce only. mmmmm.