To Read on the Journey

Thursday, September 15, 2011


it's official! 
i'm in insta-love. 
life rearranged

who knew taking pix and sharing them 
could bring so much pleasure.
{apparently you insta-fridayers did}

here's an insta-glimpse
at our
the girls on the last night in our home of 6.7 years
{the longest i've ever lived anywhere}
we're thankful for the memories made there...
have great expectation for what is ahead.

could the kids be more excited about moving to the lake!?!

great minds think plaid alike

the plaid bunch had visitors while we were out.
"the hagen's were here"
 {note in the sand}

you read that right,

over a month ago we attempted to place an offer on this short-sale house.
bank wouldn't even look at it our pennies.
we prayed.
moved everything into storage.
kept our eye on it.
camped-out at our house for a week.
then it dropped in price $15,100
we made an offer.
we were told it could be up to 3-6 months before we got a response.
then moved to the lake house.
1 week later
{the day after we moved in to the lake house}
we're in ESCROW!!
a 30 day Escrow.

i'm so excited i could jump into the lake with my clothes on!

while grocery shopping at a discount grocery store tuesday night 
we saw the homeless man again that lives in the parking lot there.
after the manager goes home he volunteers by 
collecting the carts and bringing them inside.
{there is an agreement that he does this when the manager
is gone because this is a liability}
this tuesday while he worked he humbly sold flowers
{that appeared to have come from the trash}.

this man serves.

this homeless man 
stirs my heart
has been stagnate.
he stirs it 
something not about me, 
God's glory...
in this man.

please join me in fighting for him in prayer.
a bit of after dinner skiing and knee-boarding.
we are going to take FULL advantage of the 30 days we have on the lake!

michael "working hard for the money" 
home school charter photography.

september 15th...

though we look forward with great expectation to a new home 
here this side of heaven, 
that the true home we desire is not here. 
we celebrate that our son LIVES there
in "God's love better than life"
{psalm 63:3}.

happy friday, friends! 


The Morris Family said...

Wow!!! what a busy week!! so happy about your house deal!! God is Faithful!!

The water looks a bit cold as we are finally gettting some cooler temps!!

We sent off balloons Tuesday too, to our 3 yo son 9/13/03- 1/23/07. It has been a journey but Jesus has been with us!!

hannah singer said...

praise jesus for escrow!!!
you are super cute in thay plaid, girl.

i love you. sending you a hug! xo

Marina said...

I love the pictures!!

Kathleen said...

It's thank you Jesus time!!! Yay! So happy for you and you family, Denise.

Paige said...

such fun!! I love the pictures and the excitement of moving!!! did I see on Lindsey's blog that you are on twitter? I have searched for you but haven't been able to find you!!!

Can't wait to hear more on the new house!!!


kebowman said...

ahhh! love all of this.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

YEAH for being in escrow!! Can't wait to hear more about it & where your new house is!!! So exciting! Just read the Caleb post...I had no idea. Crying as a read it. You have such a wonderful outlook & I loved how you celebrate him each year. Beautiful. Praying for you!!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

p.s. SO glad you joined the instagram maddnes...told you it was FUN!

{cuppakim} said...

best choice you ever made was joining team insta.

well that and vlogging.
well done lady.

i didnt realize escrow was for your NEW house. because i am lame like that.
i am even MORE excited.

soak up those lake evenings. and keep the instas coming. i am loving them.

and loving the picture and celebration of caleb :)

TDM Wendy said...

Yay for the escrow. But is that house by mine?

lori said...

thanks for the comment on my what i wore wednesday post. i was browsing your blog and read the caleb post. i am amazed at how you are able to glorify God in these circumstances. loved the balloons.

Linda Z said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see your new home! How awesome that God provided your heart's desire!

Love all your photos... You are the most awesome plaid family ever!

And I love that God stirred your beautiful heart. :)

Lynn said...

Love these posts. Love the pictures as well as the commentary. Praise God for escrow!!! Fabulous!!! Pix soon as you are actual homeowners again. Any tips on how to get my house sold? This market is tough, but my God is tougher!

Love the plaid. Plaid is good.

I love your celebration of Caleb's memory. Precious.

Wish I could join you during your month at "the lake." Looks fun!

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

What a fabulous week you had! What a sweet blessing about your escrow! Yay!!!

Jessica Johnson said...

can i just say it made my CENTURY when i got a little announcement that FB friend "jonesidosio" joined instagram. i almost cried.

thrilled with you for escrow! jealous of your lake.

Anna said...

oh my goodness this just moved me to tears! SO glad I came across your blog!! thank-you for sharing your heart.