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Monday, September 5, 2011

house tour~ master bedroom

 this is my favorite photo of the master bedroom. 
everything looks  crisp and clean {not dusty...and it is very dusty}
when it is get'n some lamp light love.

i love my bed.
i love it because michael built it.
and when i say "built," i mean
cut down the trees, milled the wood,
mortise & tenon {no nails, no screws} built it.

i'll give you a moment to be insanely jealous of the fact that i am married to
my very own norm abram. 

okay, moment over.

the bedding is from pottery barn- 2005.
{recognize the pattern from the area rug in the family room??}
the striped fabric for the pillows and bed-skirt is from a shower curtain i found at marshalls.

 the window behind the bed is from an old building that back-in-the-day
resided on the main corner of our town.
it is filled with b/w photos of our {much younger} family
i left many windows empty so i could add more photos through the years.

the bed and window are painted black.
the side tables are from target and are a cherry wood.

you may not be able to see it in this photo, but the books in the side tables are all turned around.
{i also did this with the books in the family room amoire}.
i think it looks less cluttery to have the white paged side of the books showing 
{uhhh, someone's a little neurotic?}.
how do i know which book is which? 
i make a list from l-r and tuck it in on the side.

this door is from michael's childhood neighbor's home.

i painted it, michael cut the mattes, we picked our favorite family photos, 
michael printed them,
and vuala!
a masterpiece!
{to me anyway}

finally, this is the corner of the master bedroom which houses
the computer amoire.
uh huh, where all the blogity blogville goodness takes place.

i like the having the computer tucked away.
i DO NOT like having it in my bedroom.
this is what it looks like behind the closed doors...
and this is somewhat organized.

okay, i have to go now.
i have to clean that up...
{or say i'm going to clean it up, but spend the time reading your blog instead}.

Happy Labor Day!


hannah singer said...

i love that bed!!
so fancy that your man built it. he's legit.
cool idea with the books. weird. but cool;)


Suzanne said...

I think your master bedroom is gorgeous! Thanks for the look-see!

Linda Z said...

It is so amazing that Michael built that bed! I love all your sweet photos and how they capture the love in your life!

Kathleen said...

It's beautiful. I love that each room you shared is sprinkled with special photos and cherished items.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh my goodness... that bed is gorgeous! And so extra special that it was make with love by extra special hands. That is so incredibly sweet! Such a beautiful room!

Gina said...

How amazing that your husband made the bed, what a treasure and a neat thing to pass on later!

denise said...

Your house reminds me of your blog. Ha! I guess that's what happens when you meet someone online before you meet them in real life.

Loved the tour.

Have missed your blog.

forever folding laundry said...

I love that there are so many
sentimental pieces in your room!
Your bed is f-a-b.
Way to go, Norm!


{cuppakim} said...

you and your hubster are kinda the most talented crafty creative people ever.

you two have single? double? quadruplehandedly built your "home" i love it. all of it.

and i love that the armoire cleans up and you can hide everything. i'm with ya. kinda awesome!

Lynn said...

Awesome. Amazing. Loved the whole tour. You have fabulous taste! I AM a bit jealous of your handy hubby....what a great gift for a sentimental wife. ;o)