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Thursday, December 23, 2010

modern family christmas

the jones family is on an every-other-year christmas schedule.
we were together last year, 
so technically this is not our year to be together...
but we threw technicalities out the bah-hum-bug window and found a way
to be together anyway...

  today we celebrated a jones family chritmas
via video chat! {36}

jones family christmas photo 2010 
l-r christopher (maui), jennifer & charles (london), sean, gracie, lindsey & lily (southern california). bottom row-  dennis, noah, josie, emilie, cindy, me & michael (dentist office, oakhurst, ca.)

michael's parents opened their christmas gift from all of us 
which included an announcement for the whole family 
from jennifer & charles!

we're already looking forward to next christmas 
when we'll be together again 
with a new little 
bundle of joy boy! {37}. 

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Simply Sara said...

ahhh! you should see me smiling over here :)
what a great gift idea! so sweet.

congrats to your sis-in-love and the whole family for a new bundle of boy!

hope you guys have a wonderful christmas!

Jenn said...

How great! Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

Thanks guys for thinking of such a great way to share our big news with the whole family. It was such a treat to be able to see/talk with everyone all at once. I still don't like being all the way over here by ourselves on Christmas, but the video chat made it all so much easier. Love you!

lindsey said...

thanks so much for having such a great idea and for joining our family across the seas. love you - merry christmas!