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Thursday, December 2, 2010

St. Nick Pic

Like many children Noah and Emilie have had their picture taken with Santa.
 {It's been 10yrs since that dreadful day and I still feel sorry for ol' St. Nick}.

  When Josie joined the family we opted out of torturing our clingy baby
and Mr. Claus with forced physical contact.

Nonetheless, I worried that Josie would grow up and be resentful
that she too did not have a photo with the
plus sized
curly bearded
holly jolly man
in the red suit
until now...
Do you have your own  childhood picture, and/or a photo of your children   with Santa? 


Alexis said...

Last year, W&E's first Christmas we headed to the mall. Thankfully no line to see Santa. They both sat there in shock and awe. Forget capturing a picture with them facing forward. We'll attempt it again this year. I don't have any pictures of myself with Santa when I was growing up. I think my first picture with Santa was in college my Freshman a joke with one of my girlfriends of course. ;)

Anonymous said...

We go to the same place every year and it's totally stress-free and they let you just take snapshots and don't make you pay tons of money.

Thankfully my kids have never really been afraid of Santa.

Jules said...

Josie, you did the right thing. You take center stage and let the pudgy guy stay in the background. Good job mom!!!!!

holly Rogers said...

I love how you think OUT OF THE BOX!!!!!

It seems like a lifetime ago we did Santa... i miss my little people. I also miss our Santa and Mrs Santa. Year after year we took Erica to a little mall in San Diego to visit him. He was our real Santa - all the rest were copycats.

I believe Santa loved Jesus and Jesus loved him and that's why he's so jolly. I bet the real children who received presents from him weren't all that good all the time either. The real Santa, just like real Jesus is very gracious.

Ruby Rose said...

hi denise!
what a sweet blog you have!
thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!

we can't wait to see you!!


Stacey said...

Love this. My daughter has always been terrified of him so we've skipped it the past few years. But maybe we should try again?

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Brilliant idea of have him in the background! So funny. My kids are terrified of Santa. Sighhh.

Simply Sara said...

hehehe... you are truly the coolest mom i know.

we normally line up at the mall. but this year chris' dad is going to be santa at our community christmas party.

yippee! no mall lines for us!

denise said...

You crack me up!

Maybe next year you can vlog and interview with that Santa.

Tasha said...

I am one of those silly people that really do not want to pay for a Santa picture. I have debate going to see Santa. Only because I sometimes think that it takes away from the imagination. If we run into Santa I joy in seeing my kids light up. If we don't it is okay with me. Most years we happen upon him at somepoint in the season. But, I do not always have a picture to prove it. I guess I will just have to keep the memories as best I can with my mind. But, we definitely have some to also show the kids when they are older.

I think I must be in the mood to chat today because i seem to be commenting on everything. I haven't been checking blogs for 2-3 weeks because life has been too busy and something had to go. I have missed visiting with friends though. Hope all my comments are not driving you nuts :) I always love coming to your blog though. You I always seem to find myself smiling my way through it.