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Thursday, December 30, 2010


i decided a week into this month to participate in sarah's 100 joys for december.
there are two days left in december and i've posted 48 joys.  
yep, i have 52 joys remaining.

think i won't finish?

watch me!

 michael joy

#49. the alarm goes off for the second time. he turns it off, turns my way, gives snoozing me a a good morning kiss and says, "i'm so glad you're my wife."
#50. he meets us at the table each a.m. with the bible open, the Word to give to us.
#51. he walks with noah his school campus each monday, praying with him for his school, classmates, teachers.
#52. when i'm playing the guitar and singing, he stops, sits, listens, enters into worship.
#53. he plays games with the kids after dinner.

#54. he partners with me in every thing: parenting, house, church, finances, friendships, schooling... everything together.
#55. he likes teaming up with me- values my ideas and brings them to fruition.
#56. he sews fairy wings...
#57 and makes heath toffee crunch cheesecake with homemade caramel sauce...
#58. and saturday morning breakfast.
#59. he makes silly faces...
#60. and has a witty sense of humor all his own (which noah is developing).
#61. he lets me cry about the same old thing, then speaks Truth into my life.
#62. he lays his hands on the kids each night and prays for them.
#63. he finishes his day in his "favorite spot," cuddled up with me.

noah joy
#64. he adores me.
#65. melts me with the look.
#66. gives me his best kisses.
#67. nestles in for a hug right under my chin (where until 2 weeks ago was how tall he was).
#68. he talks to me, unwrapping the events of his days with me.
#69. he sings and dances when he thinks no one is looking.
#70. he is our man when daddy's at work; opening our jars, killing our spiders, carrying our loads, opening our doors.
#71. emilie is his best friend, she gets a sneak peak into his heart.
#72. josie is his playmate, get his attention and tickles.
#73. he has a comedic response to every situation.

emilie joy 

#74. she is thoughtful with her words.
#75. generous with her life.
#76. she considers others before herself (she gets this from her daddy).
#77. she has the gift of hospitality.
#78. she finds peace at the piano.
#79. she lets her little sister play the teacher, mommy, queen.
#80. she cries with me as we girls read "little women" together.
#81. she'd rather participate than worry about being embarrassed.
#82. she is the kindest friend (she is playing with a friend right now, i hear her delighting in her).
#83. she gives the best massages (joy for my aching back).

josie joy
#84. she wears silly socks every. day. 
#85. she practices making snow angels on the wood floor before we head to the snow.
#86. she sings "walk like an egyption" by the bangles to the tune of "o come, o come, emmanuel."
#87. everything becomes a song; washing hands, sweeping, flushing, brushing, sneezing, laughing... every. thing. 
#88. she hugs me and tells me she loves me 30x a day just to make sure i "rememberize" it.
#89. emilie  (a.k.a. "emmy" to only her) is her favorite person.
#90. her heart is expanding in understanding and wanting for Jesus.
#91. she delights in being helpful.
#92. she thinks she is funny and laughs at herself... a lot.
#93. she gets a little embarrassed, but always participates, and gives the grandest performance.

#94. and i think about where i've been, when i thought joy would never be mine, and i imagine then that God could not wait to lavish on me, His beloved, the overjoyed He had planned for my future (now). 
#95. there is peace-love-joy in knowing this always was written for me. 
#96. there is joy in knowing that it delights my Father God that i embrace this overjoyed life. 
#97. the Spirit leads me to have great expectations for a continued joy-filled life.
#98. the Spirit whispering that God can hardly wait to lavish on me, His beloved, the JOY still to come with Him in glory.
#99. and i savor the sweetest Joy...
#100. Jesus. 
"I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness!"
Isaiah 61:10 


Jules said...

THAT made me cry.
I love all of them too.
and you my friend.

Alana said...

What a great way to wrap up your 100 joys. Surely a lot to be joyful for there!!

Thea Nelson said...

Beautiful. Simply lovely!

Paige said...

you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paige said...

and i tried the whole "walk like an egyptian" to the tune of O come o come Emmanuel and I can't do it! :O

Kathleen said...

So beautiful! Wonderful reminders of the joys in every day.

Alexis said...

Perfect completion and well done! Happy New Year and be blessed in 2011!

Kristen said...

this made me cry... it is so beautiful denise.

i loved every bit of this post. i especially love the pictures. how fun!!! where did you go to find snow... yosemite??

love you!

Simply Sara said...

your family makes me want to grab my family and hop a plane to nova scotia.
loved this post denise.
you are joy.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your site when doing a search for a verse that I have never noticed before -"meanwhile the joyful anticipation deepens Romans 8." I was curious about the meaning and have now have found it in the Message Bible. I just want to let you know that I loved reading your site!! I plan to write down things you have posted on my bedroom closet wall because that is where I go to be alone with God sometimes. Please know that you blessed me today and that blessing will ripple over to my husband and children ect... Our God is an amazing God and He always reminds me how much he loves me. My ten year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and she has been very sick and scared and hasn't grown for the past two years. Before she fell asleep one night she told me a verse came to her mind. "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil." When she told me about it after the second time she was reminded of that verse(we found it in a locket necklace at a store) she asked me if I thought she would die. I said no because the verse says -through- the valley. God is telling you not to be afraid and you will get through this hard time. I am amazed at our Father in Heaven because so many times I think I need to give my children everything they need and so foolishly I forget that God loves my baby and He will take care of her! From Karen in Minnesota