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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I've been joining Sarah for the month of December and sharing my 100 Joys.

I'm purposefully searching for joy and finding it.
Discovering that as I look for joy it becomes easier to find.
Intentionally remaining in Joy I'm seeing that Joy begets Joy. 

So why is my title "Killjoy?"
Because there is a Killjoy in my midst.  There is one who is out to spoil joy and pleasure.  One who ridicules, speaking pessimism, past faults, and criticism. 

The Deceiver is out to kill my joy through tainted self-talk,  through others, with disappointing circumstances, and pain. 
Like anyone else who is human I'm battling every. day.  to overcome the Killjoy.

Struggling to find joy then hold onto it as the enemy tries to pry it out of my hands with his lies.

One joy at a time I am defeating the enemy, triumphing over him.

And the Joy I know becomes sweeter because of each day's victories.

Joy is digging past the lies and finding Truth. {38}
Joy is not letting the Killjoy win; it is overcoming a little each day{39}  
Joy is recognizing that struggle is good; it's fighting to not be defeated.{40}  
Joy is living in a home where the temperature is set on Joy {41}
When I need it (which is a lot) these people smack me upside the head with joy! {42}


deb said...

oh... priceless.

and you are all so gorgeous.

Paige said...

great post...where is your wardrobe? THAT brings me joy! :)

hope you had a most awesome Christmas. Mine was good, then tough--emotionally--and then good. :)

love your goofy picture!


Alana said...

Hey there cutie patootie! I am doing my quarterly attempt at blogging and blog reading again. Probably will fail miserably! But love this post. I am so in agreement with you about that pesky killjoy. That may be my new term for him. Love it. So glad we have His truth to overcome those LIES!

Love ya!

krystina said...

the pic reminds me of our family's sense of humor for Christmas cards! adorable!