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Saturday, December 4, 2010

100 Joys!

Joy to the World
The Lord is come 
Let earth receive her King
Let every heart prepare Him room...

Sarah Markley is posting 100 Joy's for the month of December... and I've decided to join her (better late than never). 
My hope is that as I seek Joy in the ordinary everyday, finding Joy will become habit!  Joy would be a magnificent habit to have.

After a 2 week long American Girl birthday party in the girls' room in November (complete with balloons and streamers), I mentioned the possibility of getting a Christmas tree for their room (had to get daddy's approval) so they could celebrate Christmas with their A.G. dolls. #1.Thrilled at the idea the girls immediately drew up floor plans of their room, rearranging the doll furniture, making space for a tree of their own.  
As a $ compromise we chose to purchase two smaller trees this year instead of one big one. After #2 finding a $6 tree stand for their very own tree the girls skipped to the car.   All the way home #3 the girls joyously planned the details of the holiday festivities that would take place in their room.   As Michael and I listened to their event planning He asked me what I wanted for Christmas... #4 "This is my Christmas present; memories made together, and children who delight in each other."  
And now a bit of Noah joy!
I love music. Even before I knew Jesus the Spirit used music to minister to me.
When my children were babies I'd sing the scale to each of them as I rocked them to sleep, hoping they would grow to be musical and bring music to this house.  Noah has musical taste that is entirely his own. He has saved every penny he's acquired for an electric guitar! #5 He recently started guitar lessons (with the coolest/godliest young man I know)  Don't let the Justin Beiber/Paul Mc McCartney hair fool you... I think I've got the next Jimi Hendrix  on my hands.  

Joy Always!


Anonymous said...

Noah, Emilie, and Josie, are the most amazing children. I love them so much.

Paige said...

love it! my son has justin bieber hair too! :)

Anonymous said...

happy happy.

Love it all. Your kids make me smile almost as much as my own do. :)

Simply Sara said...

i feel crazy joy just reading this.
oh happy joy.
your kids are wonderful.

as you seek Joy may your find it in overwhelming abundance!!!

Tasha said...

Oh, how i love this. I am loving your 100 joys. I love that you got the girl's tree so they could have a tree to celebrate christmas with their American Girl dolls. Oh, how I would have been in heaven with such an idea as a young girl. I lived with my Kirsten doll by my side all growing up. She truly was one of my friends. What a memory for your girls. I love kid trees. They are beyond magical. I love that you compromised a smaller tree for yourself so you could have the one for your daughters. Memories really are the best thing we can have. Love all these joys.