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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hindsight is Twenty Ten

January 1st beckons me to look back. 
Takes me by the hand and walks with me across the ground of the past 365 days.

I see Moving.
Sense Stillness. 
Recall the word Spirit whispered to me months ago...  
(to purify, purge, set apart). 
 Feel the Creator weed, break up, and level my soil soul making it fertile for changes.

He uprooted me in so many areas that I had for self-love planted myself.
In mercy He is decomposing what was.  
Jesus Himself the Nutrients graciously replenishing the dirt.
Not Jesus and... this time.  
Just Jesus. 
All Jesus. 

The Gardener is requiring this soil to rest. 
He will plant again... in His time. 

And instead of waiting with eager expectation I'm resting...
satisfied in Jesus.

This hasn't been an easy year (it never is), but it has been 

2010 Favorite People, Moments & Posts

Test of Grace  a friend recently commented that "the best friendships are those that stand the test of time." i responded that "those friendships are wonderful indeed, but to me the best friendships are the ones that stand the test of grace." i need grace...

Beauty is a Homeless Man We met George Lucask in 2005. He had been a crippled, abused, toothless, homeless man living under a bridge in Fresno before a family from our church befriended him. They brought him to our mountain community, and arranged shelter for him at a local motel. They also made arrangements with a handful of families to visit with and provide one meal for George each day. We signed up for Tuesdays and Wednesdays...

Crazy. Wonderful. as my sister, toni, and i got in her car and drove away from oakdale, she said, "i'm tired. this day feels like it began a long time ago." i thought about the weight of her words and responded, "it did, it began 26 years ago when mike became our dad." 
the day caused us to revisit our childhood. together. which is much better than doing it alone. it is lonely to go there alone.

Do Silly yesterday was the neighbor boy's birthday. he's 10. 10's a big deal. to God he's a big deal.

Glory Speaking  i want my life to be a doxology (from the greek doxa, glory + logas, word or speaking). i was made to be glory speaking.

Roller-coaster of Love  my favorite video vlog from the year... me on a roller- coaster of course. 

Caleb's story i have 4 children. When some one asks me how many children i have my words speak of 3, but my heart whispers 4.  And Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

  Happy New Year!


Simply Sara said...

rest friend rest.
and pretty please teach me how.

love and miss you.

p.s seriously, your writing is beautiful. beautiful.

Paige said...

should I be concerned that I did not make the favorites list? :)

happy new year denise!!


Carol Cardinale said...

Nice reading your notes! Enjoy your humor!

Tasha said...

Happy New Year to you! Can I just tell you you have the cutest family. Truly. I just loved looking back over your past posts. There is just so much joy and happiness about all of you. I love it. You are one of my heros.