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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Soil Soul

"God breathes life into dirt."

That wasn't the main point of the message this Sunday at church, but it is what I heard.
What I continue to hear.

"God breathes life into dirt."

I wrote about being a soil soul that God is making fertile for changes.
The Gardener requiring this dirt to rest, supplying me with Him the nutrients I require for His purpose.
I am content in the resting.
Content knowing He will plant  
In His Time.  

The Spirit is tilling these words into my soil heart, 
"God breathes life into dirt." 

And I embrace the mercy of the Gardener
who goes ahead of my humanity,
my questions
with  hope for my future,
"God breathes life into dirt."

And I think about the immeasurable love of God.
That Love reached into the very depths of the earth, 
formed man, 
and loves so immensely that we 
take the Creators breath away. 

I take God's breath away. 

His beloved, 
take God's breath away.

"God breathes life into dirt."


Alexis said...

{{sigh}} thanks for that.

Paige said...

I am with Alexis..

deep breath...and soak it in.

Thank you.

Simply Sara said...

it's the waiting for "In His Time" that gets me.
i'm terribly impatient and try to breath my own self into my dirt.

doesn't work.

i need to get content in the resting.
oh my soul. be content.

love you.
and thank you for another kick in the pants.

Johnna Brunenkant said...

Beautiful. Thank you for the reminder.

My brother calls us "mudballs" - and often reminds how much God loves us!

Blessings to you!

Johnna Brunenkant

Alana said...

Aren't we all grateful for that? I sure am!

Ana Paula from Get Craftin {crafts and a little fashion} said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog!! How cute is yours!! Loving it!!

Lisa Leonard said...

hi beautiful. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. just catching up on yours--and it's absolutely inspiring. xxoo

deb said...

oh, exactly.

Meredith said...

seriously. let's just all remember this. thanks girl! :)

denise said...


I've been staying away from the computer for awhile and I've missed you ;)

hannah singer said...

amen. this is rich. perfect that i read this right before bed. meditating and praying to sleep on these truths!

love to you, darling denise xo