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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here Comes the Sun, do do do

Dear Sunshine, 

How splendid it was to see you first thing this morning.  I'm so glad you've come to visit.  How I've missed your company!

I do hope you will stay for a long while.  Fog and Gloom barge in when you are not around.  I tolerate their company the best I can, but one can take only so much of them.  To be honest I'd had it with them days ago, but bid myself to hang on, to not feel dismayed by their dreariness.   Their harassment only caused me to long for you more, and to dream for your arrival.  "Longing makes the heart grow fonder," I  knew your arrival would be brilliant because of how I ached for you!

And just when I thought I couldn't take another moment plagued by Fog and Gloom, you arrived VIVIDLY!

Thank you Sun!
Thank  you Bright Star!

I'm sorry that I take you for granted. 

So today, after days of longing for fellowship with you, I must tell you that you are dynamic!  
I am in awe of you.  In awe of the way you rise and set, majestically dancing on the horizon.  
I am grateful that you beam on my  small acre, that you grace me with your presence.  
I've missed sitting in your radiance, watching my little piece of the world come awake as you gleam on every part.  
I've longed for your warmth to envelop me, inside and out, to illuminate my  body and soul.   
I've yearned to see the dazzling colors of pink, orange, and purple that fill the evening sky as you disappear to the other side of the world where you wonderfully and mysteriously dance onto someone elses landscape. 

 How's the weather in your neck of the woods?



ga said...

i am enjoying the sun up the hill too! but i am also loving how green your hills are in the background! makes me want to sing, "the hills are alive..." well, maybe have you sing it! :)

Alexis said...

I need to be at your house, looking out over the hills and the sun with a cup of Jo in my hands (with creamer). It's -21 degrees here; plus I'd enjoy the company. ;)

Simply Sara said...

when can i move in?

i am so done with the snow. plus, it has been soooooooo cold here. (-20,-30C)

this week's forecast is much better. it's suppose to warm up to +10C!)

but i still want to move in....

deb said...

caught up here today,

you are a ray of sunshine. a needed one this morning.