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Sunday, January 9, 2011

slip me a slug from that wonderful mug

i've had an icky cold this week. 
 this mug has been delivered to me a number of times 
lovingly filled with my new favorite beverage- 
vanilla chai tea w/ creme brulee' creamer.
it has come bearing sweet drawings and messages.

love is good medicine.  

(chalkboard mug made by michael.  a dozen were made as teacher gifts for christmas. they were  filled with homemade gingersnap cookies, packaged beverages,  and were wrapped with ribbon and chalk).


Jenn said...

How cute!! I hope you're feeling better.

deb said...

I'm going to make these mugs!
You are so creative.

and hope you feel much better.

Alana said...

The mug is SO cute! What a great idea! So sorry you've been sick :-( Feel better!!

~the call of the Collings'~ said...

I LOVE the mug!! Seriously, I use it everyday to send Ryan off to work : ) I get to write my little love notes on it instead of putting them in his lunch box! xoxo

Tasha said...

Those are the sweetest mug pictures I have ever seen. I love family. They are the best. I hope you start feeling better. Colds are no fun.

I love the mug idea as teacher gifts

Tasha said...

or anyone gift. It would be fun to have them on hand and give to a friend when they are sick.

Simply Sara said...

aww. hope you're feeling better soon!
your family continues to make me smile.
crazy sweetness :)

Kristen said...

your mugs turned out really cute!!

sorry you are sick... hope you are feeling better.

Angela said...

Love love love the mug :)

Janelle said...

Your mug is so adorable!!! What a great project!

{cuppakim} said...

loving the customizable mug! :) so great! and i totally do the chai w/ creamer too - usually i have regular chai tea with Sweet Cream flavor - I bet its almost the same as yours! :) Dee-lish!