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Thursday, July 8, 2010

why i wear painting pants

i figured you were all curious about what i had painted while wearing my painting pants earlier this week.

first, i painted the base boards in our house.  we have lived here 5 1/2 years, and i have probably painted them 10 times (you shouldn't be surprised, i've told you before that i am o.c.d.).   and i apologize in advance to any of you who after reading this post look at your own baseboards and feel the need to clean and/or repaint them.

i also painted these frames.
these frames were originally cream or white. i spray painted them green, sanded and stained them.
 (the pix on the left are michael's parents and paternal grandparents. the pix on the right are my paternal grandparents, and my 11 year old grandfather with his siblings in the Azores). 

giving the frames the same punch of color gives a unified look. i like the bold statement these frames make on this red buffet table. 

painting pants makes me recall a funny story from my childhood... 
when i was in second grade my mom threw me a surprise party.
i walked in the door to our little house, greeted by a small group of family and friends shouting, "SURPRISE!"
instead of greeting my guests gladly, i quickly hid behind the door mortified because the zipper on my pants was broken.
my mother gladly informed me that there was a new pair of "painter pants" on my bed.
however when she said "painter pants" i thought she had said "hanger pants."
being the ham that i am, i put on my pants, then proudly hung wired hangers from each of the loops.
i walked out and greeted my guests wearing my new "hanger pants."  
i was such a funny girl. 


The Writer Chic said...

I love that buffet and display. I'm a big fan of not-Christmasy red-and-green combos, too.

Tasha said...

Such a cute story. Love it. Love the frames too. It does give a great look on the red. Love all of it together! I happen to love your wall color too. I am thinking of going of a color similar in my kitchen. We shall see.

Simply Sara said...

i am loving that buffet! and the green frames look awesome with it!

you ARE crazy o.c.d.
i need a little of that.
my baseboards need some denise love.