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Friday, July 23, 2010

backtracking...i mean packing

two weeks ago michael, noah, emilie, and my cousin sean, went back packing to lady lake in the ansel adam's wilderness.

this was sean's first backpacking trip.

they all had a wonderful time together taking in God's magnificent beauty.

i am so grateful for the memories they made.

i won't bore you with any more talk. i think the pictures say it all. 
backpacking #1
backpacking #4
backpacking #7
backpackinng #2

backpacing #3
backpacking #5


Paige said...

Those are amazing pictures and looks like it was an amazing trip. Are you still romancing that stone? I hope it is over for you....


deb said...

absolutely breathtaking.
you can't buy this beauty.

how are you feeling?

and I don't know if you got my comment re yours on my post.
I said I knew you would get that poem.
It's bittersweet , but glorious.

Simply Sara said...

gorgeous pictures!
wonderful memories.

your family is awesome.

Anonymous said...

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