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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Because your dieing to know if i have any fashion sense, i thought i'd join in on my s.i.l., Lindsey's, "what i wore wednesday" posts, to show you that i have very little. 

As you can see from the photos i'm good to go in capri's, a top, and some flops. 
Although i do spruce things up a bit on Sundays... and paint days.


Sunday after church and again on Monday (yep, i'll wear it twice!)
wiww 2

My L.L. necklaces make me SO HAPPY (and help me to remember my kid's names).
wiww necklaces

Tuesday & Wednesday
wiww 3

Thursday & Saturday (after i changed out of my p.j's around 1p.m.)
i love my paint clothes. These pants could tell some great stories!
Wondering about my head?
Believe me, it was better left unphotographed
(sorry about the florescent lighting. ick).
wiww paint

Friday (get your own pleated poppy here).
wiww 4

And because your trying to make out what the sign above my head says...
wiww 5

Everything is fine...with a little lipstick!

What are you wearing Wednesday? 

Today i'm in jammies, and chances are i won't be out of them till 1:00.


Michelle said...

Denise you look great (ok, maybe not in the paint pants). I love your lipstick sign.

Kristin said...

LOVE the shirt in the first picture. And your Lisa Leonard necklaces are beautiful! (Trying to drop very obvious hints to my husband for some of those for myself!).

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

It's so funny. I absolutely love seeing these what I'm wearing posts. But cannot imagine posting one myself. I think I may have to consider why and do something about it. Love the lipstick sign and the black floaty top. Love the necklace too. The smile was the best part of the post, and best accessory!

theteo5 said...

Ah, look how cute you are! Your haircut is adorable. It so makes me want to chop off my hair that I have been growing out for months (years?!) and go short again! I'm joining in for the first time with Lindsay today. :) Kind of fun.

Bella Della said...

You are ADORABLE! So glad you are joining in What I Wore. It's so fun.

Corinne said...

You are too cute! :)
(and love the sign... I don't think I even own lipstick anymore... maybe a trip to the drug store is in order!)

The Writer Chic said...

Um. I think my love/hate feelings toward you just grew exponentially! How cute is your HAIR and your clothes! Loved this post -- keep the WIWW coming!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Denise! Loved ALL your outfits today!.. even the painting one! Loved your LL necklaces, and that lipstick sign too!! This is my first week participating. It was a pretty casual week, with picnics and the weather as hot as it's been; but despite my wishes for a better camera, I still had fun!!... Have a great week! ~tina

Tasha said...

I love this! I read Lindsey's every wednesday too. It is seriously so inspiring. Plus I feel like I learn so much more along the way about you too. :)

Simply Sara said...

i would raid your closet anyday!
especially that first top. yup, pretty sure you'll have to guard that one close lest i come down there and steal it ;)

pleated poppy said...

yay! you joined in! i hate the black top you wore on sunday. just bring it to mom and dad's in august and i'll take it off your hands ;)

Carmen said...

You are too cute! We have a very similar style. I love the lipstick sign. :)

deb said...

You are beautiful inside and out girl!
Love capris.

and that sign if perfect. Although I admit I usually just use chapstick.

you just radiate, Denise. What a gift.

unfinished said...

yes, i'll take the black top you're going to give me, although i don't think it'll make it to lindseys. yeh, who am i kidding, i couldn't get it over my shoulders. love the little braid and flirty hair. the best capris are the blue/grey with the rufflely pockets. love, mom aka nana, cindy

Paige said...

You are too cute! I knew you would be though (paint pants and all). But you know what is even better? You have to lean your full length mirror up against the wall of your room to take the picture--I have to do the same thing (which is why I never participated--well, that and the fact that my mirror has many cracks in it! :) )

Thanks for sharing...and I need the lipstick sign!!!!