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Friday, August 17, 2007

Grammi's House

The kids and I just returned from my moms. We had a good time, the kids got some spoiling from Grammi (I got some spoiling from Grammi). I also got a much needed break from the everyday... the laundry, floors, toys, fingerprints, taxi'n, bickering, cooking, going... going.. gone. That is how it seems, that I go till I'm gone. I become a mommy so consumed with everyday things, that I forget how much I love the important everyday things- the way my kids feel all cuddled up next to me, listening to them sing "cation bible school songs", Noah's imagination, Emilie's drawings, Josie's personality, a little hand in mine, sweet soft cheeks, and little people kisses.

Tuesday we went to Fairytale Town and to the Sacramento Zoo.
Grammi, Noah, Emilie, and Josie
Three adorable kiddos in the old woman's shoe
Noah hanging from the pirate ship
The girls and zebras show off their stripes
The only tarantula I'll go near
And, a little something fun for the adults too

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