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Thursday, August 30, 2007

And Finally, The Azores, Parts 5&6

It started as a rainy day, day 5 in Faja Grande, Flores. It was also our last full day on our beautiful island, being indoors wasn't an option. Emilie and I took a walk in the rain up to the cruz (the cross) which over looks Faja Grande. It was so wonderful to look down over our town, and see it from the cross. As I think about it, I saw it from the cross the entire time.
I saw how the sin, lies, shame, and hurt of my life had been redeemed.

Later in the day other relatives who had traveled with us from the Ca. to Azores arrived (they had been on a tour of some of the other islands in the Azores before joining us in Flores where they would all stay another week, with the exception of Emilie and I).

The rest of the day we enjoyed our little village and time with family

Emilie with my cousin Aaron
Top L to R- Rick,Anna, Steve Emilie, Toni, and Aunt Violet.
Me with my "Favorite Aunt Violet" (my dad's oldest sister).

In the evening we took another walk up to the Poco de Bacalau. My cousin Kennedy joined us.

Day 6, we prepared to leave our Isla de Flores by saying goodbyes to people and family we had met in Faja Grande. I am especially grateful to my cousin Victor who drove me first to the Pointe (the little town beside ours), and then up to a road overlooking Faja Grande. I stood there with a heart full of gratitude to God for giving me this wonderful heritage and family . I stood there in awe of the beauty of my home.

God is a mysterious God. I think of the scripture that says "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind can conceive what God has prepared for those who love him." I could have never fathomed he had all this, and I know that this is nothing compared to what he has in mind for me -and for you!
I think that this trip was so amazing because I went with my "heart wide open. "

(Muntu bonito means it is very pretty)

How I want to live a life everyday that sees things from the cross, that enters the mystery of God with my heart wide open.
That is my prayer for you (and for me).


Sarah Markley said...

I love this all. It is so amazing to learn about a place I am completely ignorant about exclusively from your eyes! Your family, your home, the places! So beautiful. Thank you for transparency. I pray for you.

Jennifer said...

This was a powerful post, you have a powerful story, and redemption is a powerful word. Thank you for reminding me to stand and be amazed at what God has done! No matter what our stories are, He has redeemed His children from destruction. He has written those stories, and they all have "happy endings." Wow. Every once in awhile we get a glimpse of what's coming at the end of the story, and it's awesome. My heart praises God today for what He has done, in your life, in all of our lives.
I, like Sarah, am praying for you.
What a privilege!

lori said...

I popped over from Gathering Grace, I know Jennifer in real life....and when I read your 'about me' I just had to tell you to pop over to, that's me...I just posted about lipsitck...never leave without it either!:) see what I mean...

loved my visit here!
(i am the one jen refers to as the energizer bunny...homeschool mom on's a compliment, I think!:)