To Read on the Journey

Sunday, August 26, 2007

5 down, 175 more to go!

I am glad to say we have completed 5 of our 180 days of school (How many more days till fall break?).
Here is one of my favorite moments from this school week- Josie reading her first book.

btw- you should know that Josie has been joining us for school for 2+ years. She has been working on her letters and phonics for some time. My other children were not reading till mid kindergarten.


lindsey said...

good job josie!

nicole said...

Yeah Josie :)!! GOOD JOB !! I remember throwing that book across the room the first couple of times i read it :-) lol, so good job you did way better than I did the first time :-)

Sarah Markley said...

Too precious. She is so sweet! Also, I love love love the picture at the top and your cool title. Way to go!

Jennifer said...

I like your new header! Isn't instant gratification nice sometimes? :)
Josie is too cute. Jack is reading at about the same level, short vowel words. He likes the "Bob books." Isn't it amazing to watch it all come together? Wow.
Keep it up, Josie!