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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Noah, can you believe it!?! 


For one thing, there is noooooooo way 15 years have swept by already!!
For another, there is noooo way I can be old enough to have a 15 yr old!  

15!! (shaking my head in disbelief)

Seriously, it's KUURAAAAASSSEEEEEE (did I get the Nacho Libre accent we've been working on right?)!!

Where did the years go? 
To celebrate your 15th birthday we want to proclaim
15 things we L.O.V.E. about you!!
(uh huh, not just me, but the whole lot of us) 

1. I love how you love me. You spoil me with love. You are tender with my heart and so compassionate. You point me to Truth. You are a protector and provider, and are intentional to take care of me. To top it off you daily interrupt me with "How sweet it is to be loved by you" affection... Spoiled!- M.B. 

2.  This year I have seen a big change in your willingness to work with me on different projects and weekend chores.  I see you are starting to develop good work habits and that you recognize the importance of hard work. -Dad

3.  You watch out for me, and really care about how people treat me, and about how I feel. -Emilie

4.  I like that you still play Legos and Killer Bunnies (board game) with me.  -Josie

5.  I enjoy watching you with little kids and how you get down on their level and care for their needs and really make them feel special. -Dad

6. You are a "gooftard," and are not afraid to show it. Thank you for being silly and making me laugh. -Emilie

7.  When you play the guitar... swooooon. - M.B.

8.  You love me, and show me love by playing with me, hugging me, and coming in to give me a kiss goodnight and asking me how my day was. - Josie  

9.  I love our talks, too (you blessed me on my birthday when you told me you "love our talks.") When the Jesus in me meets with the Jesus in you, it is so good.- M.B.
"When I look at you it is as if I am in the presence of Christ.
It is the Christ in you who recognizes the Christ in me. 
Yes, He indeed is in our midst... 
and from now on, wherever you go, or I go, 
all the ground between us will be holy ground." 
Henri Nowen.

 10.  I appreciate how you love your sisters and care for them.  You are a great big brother that really exemplifies how a brother should care for his sisters. -Dad

11.  When I wake up in the morning you give me a hug and tell me I am pretty. - Emilie

12. You love God, and you pay attention to your family, and not all the other worldly things. - Josie 

13. You are the BEST brother! Others notice how much you love me, and it makes me feel lucky to have you as my big brother.  -Emilie 

14.  My favorite thing about you Noah is your relationship with God.  I know you have really formed a faith that is all yours and not ours.  You consistently show a mature knowledge and understanding of the Bible that often surprises me.  You also have the ability to express your ideas and thoughts on God's word with others with humility.  I am looking forward to what God has in store for you as you grow older and draw closer to the Lord in all that you do. -Dad 

My son, if your heart is wise, 
then my heart will be glad indeed;
my inmost being will rejoice
when your lips speak what is right. 
Proverbs 23: 15-16
 When we learned we were expecting you, your Dad's response was, "We are Blessed." Noah, I had NO IDEA just how BLESSED we were. You, Noah Joseph Jones, make my heart glad. "B" you cause my inmost being to rejoice! (tears).

Happy 15th Birthday, "B"



Linda Z said...

Happy Birthday, Noah!!! You are an amazing young man surrounded by amazing people! May God bless your socks off this year! :)

christina said...

awwwww sweet post! i love how you got others involved! he sound just great! happy birthday to your son!