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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello Monday

Linking up with Lisa and Hello Monday

Photos from the weekend, and a pajama party breakfast with our good friend's Ginger & Spinner, who move to the East coast this Wednesday {sniff, sniff}. 
Hello to piano lessons, orthodontist appointment, teacher meeting, 
and a coffee date this week.
Hello to Emilie being away for a 3 day adventure on her 8th grade trip to Catalina.
Hello to preparations for/and hosting a small home school day gathering for Josie and her gal pals.
Hello to a reception celebrating a newly married couple that we adore.
Hello to remembering how very blessed I am to get to be mommy to my three.

Hello to watching the season finale of Survivor!  {I'm root'n for Cochran and Dawn}.
What are you say'n "Hola" to this week? 

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Live in Peace,

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Joy Kinard said...

Denise. Girl. You are NEVER going to believe this!!!

I KNOW Ginger and Spinner!!!

Spinner and my husband (Kooter) worked on McCall Staff together.

What the what?


deborah said...

Orthodontist appointments sounds familiar! Our daughter got her braces on this year.

It is sad to have good friends move!

{cuppakim} said...

coffee cake muffins, helllloooooo delicious!

Mindy said...

Even though Cochran has gotten a little cocky, he's in my top pics!!

Linda Z said...

Oh, your week sounds full of friendship and yummy eats!

I was rooting for Malcolm, but we all know how that went down. I do think Dawn and Cochran have played a pretty great game, and they sure give the editors a lot to work with! Very entertaining. :)

christina said...

cute post! and great photos! and yessssss to survivor!!! i love your picks! ;)

Kate Eschbach said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!