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Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Teenage Heartthrob

Rick Springfield, Corey Haim, Bryan Adams, and Scott Baio!
I've got a new teenage heartthrob.

When he plays Fredrick, 
cranked up on his new amp
(which he purchased himself).
I swoon. 

Sometimes before 7:30 a.m. ... before I've had my coffee. 

True love.

I found the road sign a few weeks ago, and HAD TO GET IT for Noah.

Can you spy Noah's electric/acoustic ukelele hanging out below Jimmy? 

That's the newest member of our family-
Eugene Alfred Fitzberg III.

People who name their musical instruments are groovy.

Eugene likes to play "Brown Eyed Girl."

"Do you remember when we use to sing, sha la la la la la la la la 
lala ti da."

Seriously, swooning.

Kick it old skool and listen to Van's "Brown Eyed Girl" here 

Who was your teenage heartthrob?


Linda Z said...

Noah's a total heartthrob... you better watch out for those teenage girls! :)

His room looks awesome and I love that you name your instruments! You guys are way groovy! :)

christina said...

sooooooo coooooolllll!!!! lock him up mama. jk. :)

ummmm i loved leo. as a teenager. i had a poster of him from romeo and juliet on my wall.swoon.