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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's in a name?

I was sitting with a very pregnant, one-week-away-from-delivery-friend yesterday, and we were discussing baby names (of course).
Just as I was in that season of name choosing, she has been very intentional about the name of her child.

We discussed how the name you give your child has meaning, and that that meaning is a blessing over our childrens' lives, as well as a blessing over the family.

We wanted our first child to have a strong name, one that brought with it hope, promise, and deliverance.0346285-R1-011-4
Noah Joseph means "rest, peace, not broken, made whole," and "may God add"

I had chosen the name of my first daughter, and began praying for her when I was just 16. Her name fits her personality perfectly. As the middle child her qualities sweetly bless this family.
Emilie Erin means "industrious, diligent worker,"
and "peace or mountain of strength

Josie's name came to us quickly, she is named after my grandmother. The meaning of her name brought hope to us. We lost a child before her (Caleb, "who followed the Lord wholeheartedly"), and I wanted the blessing of God adding to our family. God has definitely added light, joy, and song to our family because of her. I also wanted the assurance of this child being dedicated, devoted to God.
Josefine Elise means, " may God add," and "consecrated to God"

But I realized I had only given thought to the first names. I had never considered that our last name might have a blessing with it as well.

I discovered that Jones comes from the Hebrew Yochanan meaning "Jehovah has favored," and from the Latin Johannes, which means "Yahweh is gracious."

He is gracious indeed! Since becoming a Jones, I have received more than I deserve. I find myself saying, "why did you give me this life, I have done nothing to deserve it." I see that God has only just begun to lavish his graciousness on me!

As I searched for the meaning of our last name I came across the Jones family crest, and discovered that the Jones motto is: Without God, without anything.

Yes, without Him, we have nothing.

What is the meaning of your first and last name?


Erin said...

What a great name meaning! Where do you find what your last name means?

(I love your kids' names, BTW)

Anonymous said...

Love love love it!!! I too feel strongly about your kid's names giving blessing and promise (which also makes it a bit harder to pick a name for me!) Mikaela means "lover of God"...we're still in debate about a name for this little guy! Love to read your thoughts! Hope you're having a great week! Would love to get together for coffee, tea, something when you have a moment or two! Blessings, tami

Kristen said...

i love seeing the little pictures of your kiddos.

i need to look up the meanings of my kids' names... i don't know! you are so good about knowing the meanings of names. i remember a few people we met in portland and you would say did you know your names means....

fun post!

Simply Sara said...

Loved reading the meanings behind each of your kiddos names... and seeing their cute little faces :)
So beautiful!

My name (Sara Dawn) means 'Morning Princess'
Ha! My dad still calls me that!
(blushing a little as I type)

My boy's name means "Young Warrior"
Oldest daughter's name means "The father's joy"
And our baby's name means "To pause and reflect" or "there are no words"

Each one fits them so perfectly.

denise said...

Doesn't "Denise" have something to do with wine? I dunno, but I'll take it.

Fun, sweet post. Love your pictures, as usual.

Sarah Markley said...

sarah means princess.
hope means, well, hope.
naomi means delight or beauty.

i think names are SO important too, denise.

i MISS you.

Anonymous said...

i love this. thanks so much for sharing :) makes me so excited that the Lord allows us to do this with our children, His children. love you!