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Monday, January 18, 2010

i asked God to help me love my neighbor.
i do.
and it hurts.

it was easier when i didn't let his life touch my life. i think i knew it would hurt if it did. and it does.

it brings up a world of childhood emotions. lately i find myself in a sea of tears. the broken child in me wants to protect and cover him from the hurt he has no choice but to live in.

my neighbor is 9. he is an adorable, red headed, freckled faced boy, with the GREATEST giggle.

he lives with his grandma (who is his guardian), his mom, his sister, his schizophrenic aunt (recently released from the state hospital), her baby (grandma is her legal guardian too), and who ever else decides to crash there.

his dad is in prison. his sister's dad died. his baby brother died two months ago.

his mom came over a bit intoxicated last week to use our phone. i drove her home (yes next door). she had a very intoxicated "friend" visiting. he stayed all week.

we picked him up for church yesterday (he's been going with us regularly). he had a new haircut.
i told him he was handsome.
it was brought to my attention later that that haircut came with tears and him being cussed at by his uncle (who gave the hair cut, and was at the house for the weekend).

last year i started praying for God to put a man in this little boys life. someone to tell him who he is. i think boys need dad figures. i think they need a man to tell them, show them they are capable, to model what it is to be a be godly.

last year after i prayed this he was expelled from school. he missed too much. he fell behind. he was placed in a continuation school where he was the only student. it seemed hopeless.
But his teacher is a man from my church, who LOVES God, and LOVES my neighbor, and wants to be the man this sweet boy needs in his life. he wants to speak truth to him, tell him who he is, teach him, love him.

a few months ago after he had gone to a family bible study night with our family, he called me (they don't have a phone anymore) and left this singing message, "Savior, He can move the mountains, My God is mighty to save, mighty to save."

tears... i hope HE does. Pray with me that God saves him, moves the mountains in this little boys life, and brings him into Hope. Pray that he will have a future lavished in God's love, and goodness, living in His Truth, thriving in Freedom.


togetherforgood said...

Oh Denise, my heart breaks. What a blessing you and your prayers are to this little boy. He is mighty to save-- no matter our circumstances. Thank you for the reminder.

denise said...

What a sad post! My heart hurts for that little boy. And yet, I love hearing how God redeems the hardships from our own lives to reach out and bless others.

Michelle said...

I'm so glad that God has placed you in this little boys life. I've been in similar situations as this little guy and there were very few Christians in my life. However, some of people that were very significant to my life, ministered to me and I remember their authentic love of God and the hearts.

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

I can feel your hearts cry; mine also cries. I read your testimony. It is so, so beautiful. Our God is an awesome God. He has put you in this little boy's life for a reason, and you have certainly already made an impact. You are Jesus with skin on to him.
Please post updates so I can pray accordingly and rejoice with you!

Blessings to you on this journey.

Simply Sara said...

My mama heart aches for him. I want to wrap him up in my arms and take him home.

You are beautiful as you live what love truly is.

I am praying with you.
Our God IS mighty to save and I KNOW He can move mountains.

Love you, sweet friend.
May God continue to use you.

Linda Z said...

I will pray for him, Denise. It is so good that God's hand is reaching out to him through you and your friend at church. I pray that God will strengthen you and help you to continue to lavish love on this family. I know they will see Jesus in you... He is shining! :)

cat said...

Oh my, what a wonderful post. I really pray God will make him shine.

Kelly Langner Sauer said...

Thank you for sharing your heart here... God is faithful. Your burden is proof.

And thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I loved hearing your voice there.

Lynn said...

My momma heart aches for him. He has seen way too much in his few precious years. Praise God for your friend (the teacher) and YOU in his life. Our God is huge....there is hope.

Kristen said...

you have shared his story with me before and it is heart breaking. God is watching out for him. He has placed loving, caring role models in his life. I pray for him and his family.

i love you friend and i love how you have such a heart and love for others.

simplebeauty said...

Thank you for sharing this little boys story. I will pray for him.