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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Memory Game

My s.i.l. Jennifer and son Jack, who reside in Australia, surprised us a few weeks ago with the news that they would be in Cali for a couple of months!

We were thrilled to get to see them this past weekend, which happened to fall on Jack's 2nd birthday.

Because they live in "the land down under" I want to give meaningful gifts to our nephew that will help him grow to know his Jones family despite the distance. 
For our first meaningful gift we invited Jones' family members to join us in giving Jack children's books along with a video of each of us reading the books aloud to him.  

One of our books was a children's classic of nursery rhymes. My silly children were filmed singing and acting out hand motions to a few of the rhymes.  A moment that melted this auntie's heart was receiving a short video of a happy Jack playing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with Noah, Emilie, and Josie, who were singing to him on his flat-screen in Aussie!

That was when I began racking my brain to come up with another intentional gift for Jack.  

I finally came up with this- a twist on the classic Memory Game.
  Jack's Memory Game is filled with photos of his entire Jones family. 
That's Jack. 
Look at those eyes! 
And there's Jack with his favorite people- his mommy & daddy.
Silas, Aunt Michelle, Great Grandma Phyllis, Nicholas
Nana & Gramps, and Nana & Jack
The oldest of Jack's cousins, Noah...was it just me that grew up thinking my oldest cousin was the coolest? 
Here's Great Gram showing off her sassy (washable) car tattoo, 
and there is beautiful Gracie. 

Uncle Michael & Auntie Denise

Jack's Family

I hope that as Jack grows he knows he is part of a super family that loves him. 

Do you have any other clever ideas of meaningful gifts we can create for our nephew?

Live in Peace,


unfinished said...

You are so creative and intentional in everything you do. You're an awesome d.i.l. and auntie. Love from your m.i.l.

Joy Kinard said...

This was a GREAT idea!

{cuppakim} said...

what a creative and personal gift! love it!

Kate Eschbach said...

Oh wow! Love this - great idea!

Linda Z said...

Love this idea and your Gram's tattoo!! :) I made a book with some of Josh's favorite things and people and had it laminated and bound. He really liked it as a toddler.

Miss you!

Lynn said...

I don't really blog anymore, but I decided to use a few of my unusually free minutes to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs. I LOVE this idea! You amaze me with how you bless others in such a personal and real way. Very inspiring.