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Monday, May 7, 2012

hello monday

hello all.

are you ready for some random?
so am i.

have i mentioned to you that noah has a job?
i didn't think so.
well, he does.
has for a couple months.
he works a couple hours a week with some cool people doing this and that and really likes it.
i had my first job when i was 13 {catering}.  it was good for me.  i'm "old skool" and think it is good for noah, too.  it's good for his character and his confidence and his motivation.

i stopped by noah's work place one day when he wasn't working to say hello to another handsome guy that works there.  noah was with me and i gave him the option of waiting for me in the car, to which he replied, "i think i'll come in and say hello to my colleagues."
he cracks me up.

for his birthday last week they surprised him with pie. :-)
and a card.

and a group hug.

noah is growing up too fast.

this week he is leaving me for the first time ever to go on his 8th grade trip {which he helped pay for with his snazzy first job}. he is going to be gone for 3 days. traveling by bus and boat.  going with people i am barely acquainted with with school.  i don't worry about him... okay, that is a lie.  i totally do. i worry about his safety and needs and all the stuff that i am always. in. control. of. {at least i like to think i am}. i actually worry more that i'll spend the entire time fretting about him instead of being glad he has this opportunity.  so would you pray for peace for me. pray for me to shut my imagination up.  would you pray for safety physically, emotionally, and spiritually for my boy, and that he will have fun and learn and make great memories.  thank you. really. a lot a lot.

in other news i discovered last week that "if you hit my saturn i WILL NOT kick 'uranus'."

i will actually feel bad for you, because it was an accident, which was a result of another accident.  i will also be so GRATEFUL that we are all fine {minus some whiplash}.
and i'll come away from the accident recalling that my first instinct was to "thank God." my next instinct was to tell my children to "thank God." to get them fixed on Him, rather than the fear and the emotions. i'll be surprised by that. shocked. i'll see the accident as a gift {minus the whiplash}.

speaking of tendonitis {that's what we're speaking about now}  i think that's what i've got going on in my right ankle.  i thought i sprained it 7 weeks ago, but it is only getting worse. i should go to the dr., but i prefer to pay my monthly premiums and not a gazillion dollars more.
a dr friend checked me out and gave me a prescription. the prescription causes insomnia. it is now 12:28 a.m. on "hello monday" a.m..  insomnia and tendonitus is awesome. not!
at this time of the morning my first instinct is not "thank God."

if the ankle doesn't get better  by the end of the week i am gonna  definitely probably maybe might go to my for-real-dr.

i miss walking.
because i haven't been able to walk i went on my first diet.
the south beach diet.
michael went on it with me.
this was taken the week we started sbd.
obviously he didn't need to lose any lbs.
he just went on it to support me.
mr. supportive lost 9.5 lbs. jerk.

i have lost 7 lbs, mostly in "my muffin top" region. i would like to lose the "junk in my trunk," but that ain't gonna happen.  this "baby's got back."  thankfully, mr. supportive is cool with that. :-)

there are only 18 days left till the second "most wonderful time of the year" {first "most wonderful time of the year" being girl scout cookie time}, MAYCATION!
kristen is coming all the way from idaho again, and this year we have a new blog friend with family joining us, linda, from "thoughts on these things." 
i should have made and sent them a paper-chain at the beginning of the month so they could count down the days {i always have good ideas after i need them}.

i haven't had one of kristen's cookies {video. watch it. it's funny!} since january {she sent some to me in nov. for house warming gift. i ration them out for as long as i can}. i have a feeling that after i eat her cookies i am going to have to go on the northsoutheastwest beach diet. it will be worth it.
18 more days!

it is now 12:50 and i am still not tired. sheesh!
 this is what you get at 12:51 a.m. when i am not sleepy.



it's my new cuss word.
i went out to dinner with my good friend, julie, for cinco de mayo on "may the 4th be with you," and there were fajitachiladas on the menu.  
{i ordered a fajitasalada}
i declared that it would be my new cuss word.
stub my toe- fajitachilada!
pms-ing- fajitachilada!
can't eat cheesecake because sbd is the devil- fajitachilada!

that night as we drove off from mexican restaurant some rude driver honked at me. so i tried out my word and yelled "FAJITACHILADA!" {windows were up, he didn't hear me}.  a few seconds later i realized that the lights in the rental car do not automatically turn on  like they do in my saturn {to quote julie, from joy's hope- "rich people problems"}.  turns out rude driver was honking at me to warn me and i "fajitachilada'd" him.

speaking of julie, she stopped by on noah's birthday to bring him some "gold, frankincense, and myrrh" {gold bowling tokens, used deodorant, and cinnamon}.
noah was beside himself with excitement huh??

she also brought him a beanie and t-shirt from the HIGH SCHOOL {ahhhh!! somebody hold me} he will be attending next year with her kids.
i love julie. 
she makes me laugh, lets me cry, and is okay with me saying, "fajitachilada" if i need too. she knows who i really am. likes who i really am. 

it's 1:04 a.m.
still not tired.


thankfully i only have 3 days left of the insomnia inducing meds.
this jello has nothing to do with the insomnia.
i just like the picture.

1:48 a.m.
i think that is all the "hello" i have for this monday.
i have to be up in a few hours for jesus. he likes to hang out with me bright and early.
then it's a full day taking kids to state testing, running errands, doing laundry, avoiding chocolate, controlling my "fajitachilida" urges, NAPPING, portobello mushroom pizza for dinner, and whatever else God decides to bring my way  today.

i'm counting on His "grace upon grace" already.
i'm gonna need it!



Simply Sara said...

hello long lost friend.
i miiiiiiiisssssss yoooouuuu.
so. so. much.

and reading this made me miss you more.


you are pure awesome.

can we skype soooon!?

p.s. i am jealous that you and kristen and linda are getting to hang.
give each other a group hug for me :)

{cuppakim} said...

three of you bloggy buds in one place?
fajitachiladas that sounds like a ton of fun. :)

have a blast.
enjoy those cookies.
and give them both a big hug from me!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Fajitachilada! Sounds yummy!

Laura said...

we were once out for mexican with friends, and my dads friend ordered the fajitas...but he mispronounced it and asked for the FUDGITA. (that's a long sounding "I"...yeah...sounds dirty)

the boys in your house are CUTE

glad Noah has a job...saving for Belle's engagement ring????

stop by my blog...awesome give away and I want you to win!

love you

Anonymous said...

you are silly in the middle of the night. ;)

Linda Z said...

Somehow I missed this post. It is totally cracking me up. You are even funnier late at night, but I'm sorry about the insomnia!! :(

I like your new fajitachilada word, ha! You know what word I like to say? Nuttafinga... you know how the dad says that in "A Christmas Story"? I like that one and I haven't said it a while, but I will start using it again soon.

Yay for Noah's job. I like old school... Josh will be getting a job one of these days, too.

You look amazing in your WIWW post... 7 lbs. wow!! I will always have "back," too. As long as our husbands are good with it, we are good. I lost 7 lbs, too... my new meds make me not be able to tell if I'm hungry. Weird.

Can't wait for MAYCATION!!! Yay!!! :)

denise said...

I like your middle-of-the-night post. Although I'm sorry about the insomnia.

The braces/bra pictures had me cracking up at my computer. And it's only 10 pm as I'm reading this post! So what's MY excuse for silliness? ;)