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Saturday, May 5, 2012


how we happy 14th birthday'd noah. 

we welcomed noah to his day with crepe paper, balloons, and blue painter's tape awaiting him at his door.
we jones' are fancy people. so so hard to keep up with. 
we played hookie from work and home school {woot woot!}
packed a picnic lunch,
loaded up papa dan's truck {the gorilla's husband} with our bikes {which included noah's birthday gift- a new bike from us, nana n' gramps, and tia toni},
 and ventured off to "you-sent-a-me."
{how noah use to say "yosemite" - birthdays make me very sentimental}.

on the way we stopped at the best coffee joint ever, "the cool bean cafe." we treated our 14 year old to his first official coffee.  
his choice was a milkyway frappuccino- coffee with caramel and chocolate... i've raised him well. 
 after getting him his milkyway frap we agreed we all NEEDED a donut from judy's.

my very favorite moment from the day occurred just moments later in the truck, as noah gulped his coffee and inhaled his apple fritter and declared, "this is the best birthday ever!" 
he is easily pleased. *love*

no day of ours is complete without a bit of 
entertainment from the von Jones family singers.      
no one's life is complete without seeing this.

    you should come visit me.  
i'll take you here. 
{and buy you a frap and a donut}.

this makes me feel complete on this side of heaven-
being with my men in God's majestic creation. *bliss*
the day was enjoyed leisurely riding bikes,
surrounded by el capitan, half dome, and yosemite falls.  
venturing off into the spider-caves.               

 icing my foot {tendonitis, ouch!} in the river. 
with a stop at the ansel adams gallery to check out our friend's photography exhibit and another friend's book
{we know incredibly talented people}.
followed by more bike riding,   
more taking in Beauty,

more delighting in our birthday boy...err...teen... err... young-man 
as well as his sisters, who make it way too easy to delight in them, also.
and more cherishing this day, 
which celebrates 14 years of one of the best adventures of our lives- parenthood.


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

That does look like the best birthday *ever*. Your family is just precious! Thanks for taking us along... love the singing! :) What a beautiful trip!!

Donna Amis Davis said...

Lovely day. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Z said...

What a fun, fun day!! Does Noah love his new bike? I love the girls singing... so fun!! Do they know "Da Moose, Da Moose"? That is one of my favorite camp songs. :)

Simply Sara said...

my kids need to hang with yours to learn some new songs :)

and yes...a trip to cali is on my mind and heart... :)

you are such a fun mommy. what a wonderful way to celebrate your FOURTEEN year old!