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Monday, August 25, 2008

into debt and out of debt- part 3

getting out of financial debt was easier than we had hoped, but would getting out of emotional debt be harder?
being so consumed with our lack of finances, had kept me from really looking at Jesus, it had kept me from looking at the emotional debt i was in.
i didn't realize that i had been paying into something fierce for some years, and i also didn't realize that the price i was paying was costing me my life. i had been spending my life on lies.
i do not know how to start the sentence here... hmmm, we were becoming financially free, and at the same time i entered into a 3 year war with satan, lies, and pride. i call that season "the great depression," for obvious reasons.
there is much i could share about those years, i could tell you about-

my tears

the hurt
the fear
the warfare
the battle for my mind
the loss of self while being a young mommy
the loss of will to live

the plans to run away
the lies magnified


i asked God to get me out of debt. that is the thing about God, He always finishes to completion what He begins. He didn't just get me (us) out of financial debt, He got me out of debt to Satan, and brought me into FREEDOM!

i am learning to "Love the Lord my God with all my heart, all my soul, all my MIND, and all my strength."

i am learning to "take captive EVERY thought," did you get that EVERY thought.

"The wages of sin (of Satan) is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord."

the dark cloud was lifting, I SAW THE LIGHT...


Shirin said...

eeeewwww... we need to do coffee....

Kristen said...

i have found that when i go to God for help with an issue - it turns into something bigger, deeper than the surface issue. You are right, He wants it completed, He wants the healing....

You ARE light my friend! Your love for Him and His love for you shines through in your spirit. Just beautiful!

Sarah Markley said...

okay, i am just getting caught up and i can't wait for the rest!!

Anonymous said...

This blog helps me not lose touch with a place and people that are very dear to me. I don’t often have the time nor the eloquence to respond but I just wanted to say thanks for the sincerity and I find myself looking forward to the new posting each day...

Btw, I believe the video blog was missing one of your greatest gifts... You have the gift of facilitating worship with your voice like few others have... I was looking for it each day...

Denise said...

thank you.

BethAnne said...

Taking every thought captive? That is the hard part - the mind is the toughest battlefield.

Tori said...

i'm not sure how i ended up here tonight- maybe from sarah's site..?

anyway, i just read through all of your debt posts, and then found myself crying at this last one. your transparency really spoke to me.

emotional debt is truly something only He can heal.

wow, thank you for your story.