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Saturday, August 9, 2008


i am so thankful for VBS (Vacation Bible School).
josie spent the week learning new songs, dancing, hearing from the bible, being encouraged to serve, making crafts, playing games, being with friends, and being poured into by fabulous people in our church .

VBS is in he evenings at our church, so michael and i get to catch up on some much needed time just the two of us.

i remember our first year sending Noah to VBS (7 years ago!), he was 3, we loved watching his little self "Surf God's Word."
one night after VBS, we had this conversation-
me- "what did you learn about today at VBS?"
noah- "we learned about sinned, i didn't like that sinned"
me- "do you sin?"
noah- shaking his head, he says, "nooo."
me- "yes, you do." "does mommy sin?"
noah- "noooo."
me "yes, i do."
i explained how we sin, how that makes God sad, and how we cannot be near God when we have sin in our lives. noah was very disappointed. but then i said-
"noah, do you know what Jesus did, he died on the cross to take our sins away. Jesus washes all our sins away."
noah- "where do our sins go?"
me- (keep in mind that noah is 3) " they go down the drain."

noah was satisfied that he didn't have to have sin.

here is another conversation we had that week.
noah was running around the house in circles, when he stopped came up to me and said
"mommy, i can hear Jesus in my heart" (his heart was racing from running)
me- "well what is He saying?"
noah looked at me puzzled"
me- "did he say knock knock knock, I stand at the door and knock, if any one hears My voice and opens the door of his heart I will come in"
noah- "did He come in?"
me- "did you ask Him?"
noah- lifts his shirt, looks down at his heart, and yells "COME IN!!!!!!"


nicole said...

So sweet!

Shirin said...

Love it! LOL!
My family favorite: "Mommy, why is Jesus named Amen?"

Sarah Markley said...

absolutely precious!!

Linda Z said...

What a darling boy, and such sweet conversations!!

Jennifer said...

look at that angel baby!

We had a great year at vbs, too. I think they will have great memories. You know what else it does? It really solidifies their little friendships at church, and I think that is terribly important. They need to really grow in the grace of living in a community of believers. It isn't always easy - but it is easier when it has always been a way of life, I think. VBS seems like a good opportunity to grow that in their spirits.

Kristen said...

great story! i so love VBS!!