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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday in Deniseville


Linda Z said...

That was way fun! :) You have such a beautiful voice to praise our great God with!! So glad I got to hear it!

I too am a master Jedi painter... no taping, baby! Hubby loves the rolling part which is fine by me.
Enjoy your new W&D... ours broke down recently and our new ones are such a blessing. We call them the robots, because we are weird and we can.

Kristen said...

i look forward to your video blog each day - i love getting to see what life is like with Denise!

Michael looks like his dad!

You, my friend, have a beautiful voice!

Master cutter, you need to come to Idaho to help out with the painting. My bedroom still needs some painting. How are you with doing stripes?

Sarah Markley said...

sooo beautiful! i loved watching that. Deniseville is a fun place to be!!

BethAnne said...

I am loving this viseo blogging thing that you and Sarah are doing....maybe if I am brave enough and can get one of my kids to hold the camera still....well we'll see............