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Monday, August 18, 2008

in the middle

If I was old I might have it together
Or if I was young that would be my excuse
But either extreme seems so easy to be
And I’m somewhere in the middle

Too young to act like there’s wisdom inside of my head
And too old not care if it's there
The pendulum swings to each end well defined
And I’m somewhere in the middle

So tell me when will I know where I fit into the scheme of things
Cuz right now I’m not even sure if I belong
The cracks are wide and it seems like I keep on falling in between
Please tell me I’m wrong
Please tell me that I’m wrong

It's too late to back out of this race that we started
but it seems the finish is light years ahead
So all I can ask is that you walk next to me
Here somewhere in the middle

by Jill Phillips


Shirin said...

Is this Casting Crowns? I think so - I love Casting Crowns... praise you in this storm gave me strength to praise Him in my storms...and now my lifesong sings... Hallejuiah!..BECAUSE God does live somewhere in the middle. Joshua 1:9

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

I loved that!