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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's the Final Countdown

Counting my 100 joys his Christmas season. 
#87. Watching "Christmas Story" for the first time, snuggled together with an excessive amount of the white stuff -popcorn! 

#88. For a family that works hard together, even during Christmas break.

#89. "Hammer time" good bye bedroom wall and most of the third car garage, hello family room!(Thankful for my b.i.l., Steve who came to lend a hand, and to my nephews who"helped us" demolish  the wall).

#90. Watching my nephews happily venture off to our "waterfall" (water trickle) and wooded backyard with their big cousins.

#91. 1300lbs loaded in the truck by all 3 kids to haul off to the dump.

#92. Watching Emilie and Michael walk off hand in hand for their date to see "The Hobbit" and have yogurt. The sweetest.

#93. Giggling with Josie while playing Scrabble Flash. Busting up at our 5 letter word "sporc" which should have been "crops." (apparently, Scrabble Flash is unaware that a "sporc" is a spoon/fork).    

#94. Hot peppermint tea delivered to me in bed and reading the word first thing in the morning. (I'll miss your quiet mornings Christmas vacation).
#95. Listening to Noah play "Frederick" (his electric guitar).  I swoon, and he knows it!

#96. Silly graffiti on the new family room walls.
#97. Feeling thankful for peace (shalom- wholeness, completeness, rest), and hopeful that I will embrace and live in more peace in 2013.

#98. Thinking of all the things the LORD has crowned his people (me) with: glory, splendor (dignity), steadfast love, peace... all these things he has "wrapped around my mind" that I NEED.  I love how He cares for me (for His people). Considering how someday I will lay my crown down at His feet, taking in that I won't need the crown and all it signifies because I will have ALL OF HIM.
#99. A message stream on New Years Eve including "Pastor Steve" (my youth pastor) recalling my "enthusiasm and drive," followed by being reminded of leading David to Christ on the streets of Hollywood 20+ yrs ago, and a drawing that one of the girls with us at the time still has in which David stated, "I'm going to make it!"  Joy at the thought of God's Spirit bringing David to mind for prayer.  Joy at the communion of people I love and miss dearly on New Years Eve.  Joy at being reminded of a girl I use to be,  and hearing the Spirit tell me I still am.

#100. After attending an East Coast New Year's Eve party, coming home to close out 2012 surrounded by my family- listening to Noah play "I Love You Lord" on the guitar, laughter, playfulness, cuddles, last kisses and whispered "Jesus" of the year.  Feeling stuffed with the awareness  that I AM BLESSED.



Kathleen said...

Just beautiful!! I loved reading all of these.

May 2013 be filled with peace and many joys for you.

{cuppakim} said...

that last picture.
frame it.
and put it in the new family room. :)

what a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the year! so. much. joy.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

A new room... how fun is that?!! I love that last shot! I have so enjoyed sharing in these 100 joys of yours, Denise. Thanks for sharing your sweet heart. xo

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

LOVE the picture of all of you at the end here!!!!! May blessings abound in 2013!

christina said...

so sweet! glad you had a happy year!

p.s. we have totally done graffiti on walls while remodeling :) so fun!

christina said...

so sweet! glad you had a happy year!

p.s. we have totally done graffiti on walls while remodeling :) so fun!

Kristen said...

i agree the last shot needs to be framed... its perfect for your new room!!!

i have loved your christmas joys... they've been so fun. i am glad you took time to focus on the joys and embrace all the little joys in the everyday. joy definitely changes our perspective. i had the kids start gratitude journals now too. i want them to be grateful and joyful.