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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Friendship Pins

When I was 9 friendship pins were all the rage on the school play yard.  

 4th grade girls would gather during recess near the tether-ball line or the monkey bars to share their prized safety pins, adorned in multicolored beads, with their besties. 

Whoever thought up friendship pins was a genius. And here's why- because they cost just a few cents each to make, and took zero creativity.  It was also fun to see them jangling on my Kangaroo tennies, while playing Chinese jump-rope with Joanna and Shawna.

 When I told Josie about friendship pins she quickly decided to make some to share with her own besties (thankfully, in home schooling circles safety-pins dressed with beads aren't believed to be dangerous). She put her own twist on hers and created pins with silly little words to share with her peeps.  

I'm thinking it would be super cute to line the letters up from left to right across the pins to whip up a fun message for a pal to place on her laces. 

 If I was 9 again (or 11 days shy of 11, which is what Josie informed me today she is) I'd race to be pals with this cool gal, cause she is loads of friendshippy joy to be with.

Did you make and trade friendship pins?

 What was "all the rage" when you were 9? 

Live in Peace!


Dana said...

I remember friendship pins. I think I was ten and in the fifth grade when all the girls were making and sharing them. Thanks for bringing back some fun memories. :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

oh yes! we used colored beads, not the letters, but we made *tons* of them! great memories. :)

In Wonder said...

yES! we made them too. i think we mostly used colored beads, i like the letter/words :).

hannah singer said...

YES! this is the best. love you, thanks for the memory :)

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Oooo, my girls would love this! They are at the perfect age, too!

Linda Z said...

I didn't ever make friendship pins, but used to make beaded bracelets and friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss... fun!

I also used to play Chinese jumprope and Chinese jacks... all. the. time. I was good, too! :)