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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pinned & Tackled

Joining blog friend, Jessica, with some Pinterest "bake it" and "make its," recently attempted in the Jones casa. 

First up- these cinnamon & sugar baked donuts.
These were made by our two resident bakers, Emilie and Josie, and were dainty, darling, and delish! 

I'm glad my girls love to bake... my scale on the other hand is NOT SO GLAD the girls are bakers.

Next up- two accent pillows. An owl, and birds on a wire pillows
The girls were glad to have Nana help them whip these cuties up. 
Nana is more patient than mommy in the area of sewing. She also just happens to have embroidery thread in her car (must be a Nana requirement- carrying embroidery thread).  And when the thread isn't the color needed for the project she quickly suggests using a marker to change it to the desired color. genius.

Last up is something this non-lover-of-baking-or-sewing actually enjoys doing- painting!

When I saw this painted entry door I knew my own needed to go from this
to this!
Huge difference, right?!!

There is still A LOT that I'd like to do in this space (and in our home of one year).  
In the meantime painting the door bright red was a quick improvement (and a free one,  because I already had the paint on hand from this project).

(Check out this post to get a better look at the creative Nana-made-chandelier).

And because I'm linking up with Jessica, I'll give you a closer look at what's displayed on my made-by-Michael (with free) reclaimed wood shelf there on the right.
 Jessica's Hope for Sudan print (chevron print on matte painted by me- the paint addict). 

So that's a snippet of what we've attempted this last month from our pin boards. 
 (my girls have their own designated boards on my Pinterest. Follow me here.)

What have you pinned and tackled recently?

Live in Peace!


{cuppakim} said...

this is all so fun.
those donuts. delightful.
well done girls.

love that this was an all girl family event.

and that door POPS. that looks AMAZE!

Joy Kinard said...

Oh I like it! I have been working on sprucing up some things around our home too. Some things via Pintrest. :)

Jessica Johnson said...

Hi blog friend :) I just love everything about this. I want donuts and a red door. And I miss you. Thanks for linking up. I love your Pinventures.

Gina @ Not So Random Stuff said...

Yum, donuts :)

my last pinterest baking effort was a flop, it earned a "good effort" from my husband :) glad yours worked out.

p.s. I've been wanting to paint my front door for years! I just need to do it!

forever folding laundry said...

I now need something, ANYTHING, with cinnamon
and sugar.

And I love your red door.
So pretty, and I like what you have planned
for the rest of the space!

I'm going to go make cinnamon toast now.
And it's your fault.

christina said...

love the red door! love!

Linda Z said...

Great projects!! Patrick got a donut pan set for his birthday, and he makes gluten free donuts which are actually surprisingly good!

Love the red door... it's so you!

And the pillows came out so well!! Good job, girls!!