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Sunday, March 11, 2012

smells like roast beef

as i type the house smells like roast beef. it smells like roast because yesterday as i was getting fish out of my freezer to make for dinner {yes, fish! eaten 6x since jan 1.},  i discovered a roast and a ham that my sister," toni bologna full of macaroni," brought us in january. discovering food you didn't know you had in march when gas prices are astronomical is AWESOME.
{thank you, t.b.f.o.m}.

while i am typing, my husband and daughter are hanging this chandelier.

as a gift for my birthday i asked my creative m.i.l., cindy {who the kids use to call "cinderella," because we told them that was her real name}, if she would make me a chandelier for our new entryway.
i didn't give her any suggestions. cindy is very creative and really good at making things.  she made my husband.  'nuf said.

i like the simplicity of the chandy with the burlap shades.  thank you cindy!
sometimes i am good at making things too.  i  made her.  

emilie is wearing an apron because before she and michael were hanging my new chandelier they were making foccacia bread to eat with our roast for dinner.

{good thing i walked 4 hilly miles earlier}.  

as you can see, while michael and emilie hung my chandelier, i was being annoying helpful by taking  photos of them.
i snapped this shot immediately after fulfilling my one job of turning on the light.
upon seeing michael's expression on my canon power-shot screen i announced, "i am going to blog that picture!"
to which michael responded,  "no you're not."

as i post the photo, unaware michael, is done hanging my new fancy chandy and is immersed in a game of wii with noah. 

noah had his mop hair cut this week.
against his will.
thankfully, after his locks were abducted a few girls swooned over him and his new do {the girls may or may not be limited to his mother and sisters}.
16 weeks of puking, and i made him too.

i made her last.  

josie is pictured with my "grandaughter, elise denise." someday she will make me real grandchildren. hopefully she does not name them "elise denise." 

although i am not as inventive as my m.i.l.,  last week i attempted a bit of creativity and whipped up this pillow.  it took 30 minutes and no puking to make {unlike another pillow which claimed to take 30 minutes, but consumed an entire day}.
 it was so easy to make that another 30 minutes later i had an identical pillow for the other couch.

the striped couches like the pop of red color.

my walls on the other hand are undecided on the pops of color that they would like to have permanently reside on them.

none of these colors is a contender.  they were slathered on two weeks ago and will likely remain here, driving o.c.d.-me crazy, until gas prices go down.

gas prices have made paint purchasing impossible.

gas prices have also made pot-roast purchasing impossible,
which is why i am really thankful for the roast my sister gave us months ago.
which happens to be ready now. 

as well as the homemade foccacia bread. 

while i inhale dinner i'm going to think about how very good my life is, despite unpainted walls and sky rocketing gas prices.  i'm going to think about free roasts, a gifted chandy, a handsome man, and 3 amazing children, which God generously provided for me long before i asked. 

what has God recently provided you with before your asking?


Kathleen said...

Gorgeous chandelier! In love.

Donna Amis Davis said...

Thanks, Denise. I enjoyed the little visit with you! You made me smile. Your new house looks so fresh and lovely.

{cuppakim} said...

hot diggity dang. you have one cute family.
you make cute kids.
one of them kinda is channelling his inner bieber.
that is meant as a compliment.
hopefully it is received as one. so cute.

and i love your kitchen.
especially that gray cabinet in the back.

also, elise denise? i hope grandmas get real veto power. but that is stinking hilariously adorable. :)

Laura said...

He has provided me with a husband and parents CLOSE BY, that can help me this week as I recover.
I am in bed all day with a neck brace saying "THANK YOU GOD FOR MY F AMILY"...over and over again...

Anonymous said...

I'll ask Ryan if he wants a daughter named Elise Denise.

Although Erin Denise has a better sound. ;)

Linda Z said...

This whole post is just too cute! It's making me giggle.

Especially when you said, "she made my husband. 'nuf said."

Your house is really becoming you with all the little pops of red everywhere. Such a happy color. :)

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Love the chandelier, and your kitchen cabinets! We've been debating doing white and gray just like that and now I'm even more convinced. :)

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness I loved this post...felt like we were hanging out. Which I'd love to do in real life one day, by the way. :) Love your new chandelier! Love Josie's t-shirt! And I love finding forgotten about food in my freezer too! I discovered a whole bag of chicken breast not too long ago and I was pumped!!!