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Thursday, March 22, 2012

on his own

one evening last week noah asked to talk to us.

his eyes were glossy and his spirit tender.  it was evident he had something important to say.

he talked for a bit about youth group.
that night his leader had asked, "how do you know you are going to heaven?"
one kid thought he would go to heaven because he rescued a drowning dog from a pool.
noah told him that, "we are saved through our faith in Jesus, not by works."
his leader asked, "who in this group deserves to go to heaven?"
a kid in the group pointed at noah and said, "that kid."
noah replied, "i don't deserve to go to heaven anymore than any of you. it is only because of Jesus that we deserve to go to heaven."
after sharing this with us, he talked about pride and humility.
he thoughtfully communicated that he wants to have humility.
he expressed his desire to make jesus look good.  

next he talked about jr. high, and his experience in traditional school last year
as a 7th grader.
he talked about feelings of acceptance and rejection.

then he talked about God.
he said that last year he wasn't sure about God.
he looked at us like we would be disappointed.
we weren't.
we told him questioning was good, and that he needed to find the Truth on his own.

he told us he wasn't sure about God, then he went to camp.
at camp he watched his counselors really know and love God.
he wanted that.

he shared that when he came home from camp he gave his life to jesus.


as he shared all this he looked radiant -like moses coming down the mountain after being face to face with God- like he had, that evening, been face to face with God, working out his salvation.


Kathleen said...

Praise Him for joy-filled moments!!! Such a precious story of salvation and love.

Small Town Joy: said...

Glory, glory! Praise Jesus!

{cuppakim} said...

praise the Lord.
what an exciting joyful thing to celebrate.
i mean, really.
celebration of all celebrations.

and oh man, i have been there noah.
not sure about God.
what a victory it is to be on the other side.
but i think for a lot of us (all of us?) we need to truly receive that genuine saving faith.
the most awesome gift.

so excited for noah. for you guys.
for Jesus! :)

denise said...

I LOVE this. God is faithful.

What a thoughtful, humble, honest young man Noah is! He's already making Jesus look good.

Laura said...


My 7th grader makes his confirmation next year and he tole me how happy he is that his his cousin will be his CONSTITUTION sponsor.

And he argues about going to church.
as if we JUST started going.
He hasn't missed a Sunday since birth.

I know I can't create DESIRE in a person.
He needs to experience Jesus on his own.

But wow.
Your boy is awesome.
What grace and beauty!

Save him for one of my girls, would ya????

"preach the gospel at all times, and only when necessary, use words"


*Reading Between the Lines* said...

It is always wonderful to hear that someone has prayed & asked Jesus into the heart...even better when it is your own child. AMEN!
Praying for you all,

Linda Z said...

LOVE!! My heart is so warmed and happy to hear of this!!! So proud to be your sister-in-Christ, Noah!!

I was just talking to Josh today about how our world is in desperate need of more men who love Jesus with their whole hearts and how I pray that for him to be one of them. I am so glad Noah is becoming one of these men. :)

Simply Sara said...

this makes my mommy heart so hopeful for the day when each of mine will come and have a conversation like this with chris and i.

it's true.

they need to find Him on their own, or rather allow Him to find them.

The Writer Chic said...

How amazing!

Stephanie said...

Praising God with you Denise! I'm so happy for Noah and for you and your husband. Such joy!

Stacy @Sweet Surrender said...

Such a special moment to cherish! Rejoicing with you! I love to see how the seeds are tilled and turned in our children's hearts. How beautiful to see the growth in them! You are such a good mom to recognize and embrace his doubts and questions as a needed part of making his faith his own! It's scary to allow them to doubt. But God! (as a wise woman I know often says.) :)

forever folding laundry said...

Praise Him indeed!
What a precious moment,
and so wonderful that he made that choice
on his own.
Jesus was working on his heart,
big time. Awesome!
And I love that the angels have a party in heaven
every time someone is saved.

Party time for sure!!!