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Thursday, March 1, 2012

bringing out the big gun!

i'm linking up today with jessica for some pintertest kitchen.

last week the kids and i had the week off from school. yeah!!!  for winter break. we actually had to go away to get any resemblance of winter {more on that in the next post}, as the temps here were in the high 60's to mid 70's. warm weather makes me happy so i'm not complaining.

okay enough rambling, now on to the pinter-testing.

because we had the week off i'd hoped to get my craft on and attempt a few things i've had pinned over at pinterest.

the first  AND ONLY thing i attempted was this pillow. 

the instructions said it would take 30 minutes.  it did take 30 minutes... plus another 330 minutes (6 hrs total). either i am craft-challenged or the gal who created this pillow is a crafting-prodigy.  i think it is a combination of the two.

when i finally got to the center {at minute 240!} i was having a difficult time sewing the petals on because of the already-stitched in petals were thick. my sewing machine-which is already out to get me- was causing me grief.  so i did what any wise crafter would do- i kicked the Singer to the curve and got out the only crafting resource that can be trusted...

my glue gun.  i'm not ashamed.  think of how many more hours of my life would have been dominated had i not pulled out my heavy artillery!?
2 sticks of glue and 20 minutes later i had this  

here it is complete and in a happy place on my couch, where it looks awful because 'what was i thinking using yellow & white ticking on striped couches!?!'

whatever.  i'm sure it will find a home somewhere around here, and who knows maybe i'll get my trusty glue gun out and whip up another one... over easter break.

here's a quick overview of a few other pinteresting things that have been whipped-up sans the glue gun-this past month.
rainbow cake-jars  for josie's 10th birthday celebration. 
{take my word for it, if i say it's "easy"  it is!} 
so simple a 10 yr old in a homemade tutu can make them with minimal supervision.
and last but definitely not least,
{because i love me some vegetables
as much as i love chocolate. no joke}.
portobello mushroom pizza.

 i cheated a bit and used mozzarella cheese instead of parmigiano.
oh! this was tasty.
if you are a veggie addict too, another delish dish i made from pinterest was

are you on pinterest?
find me at

what pinteresty things are you planning on tackling in the near future?


Kathleen said...

This is why I looove Pinterest! It does inspire and we do make the things we see. I love that.

Your pillow is super fab. Who knows? I may pull out my trusty glue gun soon too.

Laura said...

I am not on Pinterest. But I am intrigued.
Unfortunately, I am an internet addict.
I gave up facebook for Lent last year, and never looked back.
FB was becoming a problem......
and so I am scared of Pinterest...they might take my children away if I get hooked.

but your pillow is AMAZING
I am making the mushroom pizza. YUM

thanks for some sunny inspiration on this cold snowy day!

{cuppakim} said...

WELL. i think you did an AMAZING job on that pillow. and worth every second of those 360 minutes.
and i think it looks GREAT on the striped couch (really, i do!).

you are a pintertest rockstar.

except for that giant mushroom fiasco. NASTY.

but i'll let you make up for it by making me that fritatta when i come visit. :)

Jessica Johnson said...

I have so much to say. #1. I think you need to send me that pillow. #2. Your jar cupcakes are PERFECT. I bet she was in heaven. And #3. Can you send me that pizza, too? I want it for lunch. Oh and #4 I miss your guts. xxoo

Wonder said...

cute pillow...and laughing. the glue gun was a good call :).

Linda Z said...

There are no Pinteresting things on my radar right now... I will just enjoy yours. :)

Your pillow is very cute and I think it looks great on your couch.

Your pizza looks really good, too. I don't think I've seen one done on a mushroom before.

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Oh my gosh... I just pinned that pillow and was way excited to try it... I am intimidated by my sewing machine already though, so now I am way more intimidated to try the pillow. I do however LOVE my hot glue gun... Wondering if I might do the pillow and just START with the glue. ;) Yours looks great.
And I love your blog by the way. Thanks for stopping by mine. :)

hannah singer said...

i think the yellow ticking is perfect with the couch. frealz.
nice job, fancy lady.