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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Because You're Awesome

Happy 11th Birthday to you, Josie Jo!

You are the coolest kid.  I am in no way worried about offending your older brother and sister by saying this. They're in 100% agreement. We all think you are extraordinary!
 You change the temperature of this home with your contagious Joy!  11 years ago you arrived illuminating Joy. It's been a Joy ride with you ever since! 

 My heart skips a beat when you sing!  I'm so glad that you are finding your voice... your beautiful voice.  You encourage me to keep finding mine (at this moment you are singing Journey's, "Don't Stop Believing"). 
Hands down my favorite thing about you is how you adore your big sister. You two are so good to each other.  I'd bet I'm more blessed by your sweet relationship with each other than you two are (let's start scheming a plan together to deter Emilie from going to high school next fall).  

 We are spoiled by the way you take charge in the kitchen.  That's you're space, and you are thrilled to treat us all with baked goods, or to serve us with sous chefing.  Please don't ever move out. 
You are thoughtful.  I delight in the sweet nuggets you share that the Spirit is stirring in you. This mommy, who wants more than anything for you to Love the LORD your God, is blessed to hear of the Truth you know and love.

 My heart for you has become your heart for me.  You are intentional about making sure I  know I am loved and beautiful just as I am. Your kisses and constant reminders nudge me to rest in Love. 

Please don't ever stop wearing tutu's and mismatched socks- promise to never start taking yourself too seriously.  We need your silly and easy goingness.
 Your hand in mine is the yummiest... melts me like butter.

Hello, Miss Competitive!  You are fierce when playing games.  I like seeing this sassy I'm-gonna-take-everyone-down competitiveness in you.

Until this last year your daddy was the witty one in the family.  Lately, your sense of humor trumps his, and has us both busting up!  

I admire your confidence. When we ask why you do or think this or that you declare, "Because I'm awesome."  You believe it, delight in who you are, and you ♥ being fabulous.  Girlfriend, don't ever lose your awesome!  EVER.  You glorify God in this way, causing others (especially Emilie and I) to embrace that God made them extraordinary, too, and that we honor Him by delighting in what He has fearfully and wonderfully made in us.
I am 11 yrs grateful that God lets me be your mommy.  
I love you... and yes, "you are my favorite" (unless Noah or Emilie is reading this, in which case they are my favorite...but not really (wink).  

With "skubajuauian" love (infinity x infinity), 

(photos taken recently, when Josie dressed up for a friend's Red Carpet birthday party) 


Anonymous said...

I wanna be like Josie when I grow up. :)

Thea Nelson said...

Josie...altogether lovely. That last picture of her is stunning!!! Let that girl go into the world for JESUS!

{cuppakim} said...

first off: she is BEAUTIFUL.

second off: your BABY is eleven?!?!

amaze. on both accounts. :)

Kelli said...

She is adorable and sounds wonderful!!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

a precious and beautiful child. a blessing. happy birthday to your sweet girl! xo

christina said...

awwww happy late birthday to your girl!! my youngest is like that her joy is contagious i remember you saying your girl was that way ;)

Linda Z said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Josie. You are right, you are all kinds of awesome!! And I love how your mom delights in you! :)

Kate Eschbach said...

Love this! Happy birthday Josie!

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Sweet, sweet girl!! Such a beautiful heart and beautiful smile. I love her confidence and awesomeness. I think she gets that from you: )