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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Avoid Hiking Alone

 This weekend we took a break from the spin-cycle of life, 
which requires us to
do do do, go go go, be be be, 
and took a hike on the Lewis Creek Trail.
  Josie, our resident noise maker, reduced our chances of surprising a mountain lion.   
The trek was a bit icy, but the sights were beautiful. 
We "avoided hiking alone" and called on Papa Dan, Mama Holly, and "Brodie Law Dog" to join us.   
We love them!
They're our family, and are always available to trek with us through 
all of life's ups and downs
(Do you have folks like that in your life?) 
The fragrant pines smell delicious, and take me back to 1993, when I was first dating this guy, when we both worked at Emerald Cove Camp (sometimes I miss 1993).
The sound of Lewis Creek racing beside our trail was serene.
Discovering a colony of ladybugs soaking up the sun was a highlight (especially for Josie). 
We'd like to thank Charles & Diana for capturing this Kodak family moment. 

After our hike, we headed over to Mama Holly & Papa Dan's, 
 where we played a comical round of Cranium, 
then  feasted on a casual meal of 
homemade potpie, salad, beets (Yick! Emilie wanted to try them), and brownies. 
Years ago, Cranium's humdinger revealed that I am the worst hummer EVER!
  It's fingernails scraping a chalkboard BAD.
I am however an exceptional artist when drawing with my eyes closed. 
Who knew.
That's underware Noah sculpted from playdough. 
Noah's teammate Micahel didn't get it.  
     Mama Holly helping a reluctant Noah act out Justin Timberlake. 
Michael didn't get that either. 
So that's a snippet from our  weekend. 

How did you take a breather from spin-cycle  
on this 3 day weekend? 

  Live in Peace! 



Gina said...

Beautiful! We took bike rides and watched movies, and just slowed down in general. It was wonderful. The weather has been tempting us with hikes, as it's been sunny and much warmer. Though I think there is still too much snow for hiking, we'll have to wait a bit longer for that! Looks life a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely fun weekend! We didn't take a long weekend, mostly because our Christmas break was something like a whole month long. LOL. But we did get to go to the zoo on Monday (field trip!) in the freezing cold. We went to the IMAX and watched a fun movie about the arctic, and we checked out the desert animals and the bats and the fish. :)

mustard seed said...

Thanks for the pic tips Denise! That snowy hike looked dreamy!

{cuppakim} said...

what a fun post! i read these mountain lion signs and then spend the whole hike paranoid. because i hike alone. + a 4 legged creature.
sometimes it's not worth it.

also. i love cranium.
i'm the worst hum guesser. like the WORST.
i have mean blindfolded drawing skills though. :)

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Looks so fun--the ladybug picture beautiful: ) And the "spin cycle of life" so true!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh... such a beautiful area! Yay for having a noise maker in the group! lol I love the scent of pine. :) Looks and sounds like a wonderful day together. xo

Anne Bickle said...

Denise - I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and introduced yourself. I took a look around here and I love you, I can tell... we love cranium here, too. I can never get through a humdinger because I laugh too hum... sometimes I miss 1993 too... you know, it's just nice to find another blogger who actually remembers 1993... glad to meet you and follow you... xo, Anne

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness....such fun stuff. Our family LOVES cranium. One of our favorite memories is the time when Nick had to impersonate Tina Turner. It was hilarious.

Love that pic of y'all together!

christina said...

awwww what a fun day hiking! i love board games.

Linda Z said...

Looks like a perfect kind of day! I have never played Cranium before! I think I need to try it, because it sounds hilarious and I love reasons to laugh! :)