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Friday, January 25, 2013

Hide n' Seek

When I was 8 I wrote in my Holly Hobby diary that I was going to "read my bible everyday."  I had received a bible clothed in a snazzy denim bible cover that Christmas from my first step-dadSomehow I knew it was a treasure that would lead me to Something bigger than myself.  But roller-skates, Barbies, and watching The Flintstones trumped flipping through the pages of that sacred book, and it would be 30 years before I actually followed through on the desires penciled into Holly Hobby's pages.

It isn't that I haven't read my bible. I have, just never all the way through,  and not consistently. I meant to, everyday I meant to... but most days I just didn't.  Eventually, I was ashamed that I had neglected drawing near to God through His word, so like Adam and Eve, I hid.  My Bible, which was always handy, and giving the impression it was being faithfully consumed, would call out to me like God called out to Adam and Eve, "Where are you?" The Author knew I was hiding; avoiding my shame behind a few more minutes of sleep, dishes, laundry, home-schooling, church activity, blogging, t.v., and anything else that could prevent me from "having the time."

And I don't know how, but a little over a year ago I got sick of playing Hide n' Seek with my bible, and wanted to be found reading it.  

I was determined to not only read my bible daily, but to also read through it in 1 year. Because I function best with structure and accountability, The Daily Message, by Eugene Peterson was the perfect fit  (it's available for $3.00 here, and available for download  here). 

It took me 1 yr and 17 days, but I did it!  Because "old habits die hard,"  the 17 additional days were needed to polish off the 2.5 of the 66 books that I had put off reading. Also, you should know that there was a number of times I'd have to cram in days of reading I'd neglected (just keep'n it real folks).

These words from C.S. Lewis sum up why it's important for believers to read the word of God.    

As I read, God magnified Himself to me in ways that I would have missed had I not sought Him in his word. Instead of remaining as C.S. Lewis said, " a man glimpsing the Atlantic," I joined the masses of those (Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Esther, Jeremiah, Matthew, Peter, Paul, John... to name a few), who have gone before me and experienced and charted the "Atlantic" first hand. 
As a result, I've come to a greater understanding of God as Sovereign Lord. I've experienced that He is  "more than I can fathom, more than I can guess, and more than I can see with human sight." (Sara Groves)

Live in Peace!


Kathleen said...

how wonderful!!! My husband has read through the Bible, but before he was a believer.

I've never even attempted it, but now both of us have had this desire to read through the Bible with believing hearts. This post was one more spark towards that conviction.

Kathleen said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm reading the Bible through this year-- chronologically. I've read it through before, in college-- FOR college-- but never done a one-year reading plan. So far so good. Although reading the stories in Genesis about the patriarchs is kind of depressing. They did SO MANY stupid things. It should give me hope, but apparently I have not overcome my Pharisaical ways, because mostly it kind of disgusts me. :P

Jamie Van Nuys said...

This is so awesome. i have just started down this journey myself..trying not to hide from my bible. Keeping myself accountable for reading every day for any length of time has always been SO hard.

I love that quote from C.S Lewis -- inspires me to keep pressing on!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

this is so beautiful, denise! you know, i have read so much of the bible. skipping around. rereading same parts over and over. but i have never read it cover to cover... but i want to! thanks for sharing your honesty here... you encourage me! xo

Southern Gal said...

Hi! Here from Jennifer's. I'm reading Mere Christianity again. Love C.S. Lewis and that quote.

{cuppakim} said...

this is AWESOME. so proud of you.
and encouraged by this!
well done. what a treasure to take with you as you continue into the next year. :)
God is good!

Jennifer Richardson said...

isn't falling in love
a beautiful thing:)
i love how he gives us not only
the scripture
but a brilliant, fascinating
to escort us through them.
peace to you in your journey,

Stephanie said...

Love that song from Sara that whole album of hers.

And yes..there is nothing like when God Himself speaks to us through His written word. It becomes sticks and we don't forget. I love that passage in Psalm 119:102..." I have not departed from Your judgments for Your YOURSELF have taught me. How sweet are are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth." For me, it's "easier" to walk in it when it's a command the Lord has revealed to me in our time together.

Good stuff girlie! xoxo

christina said...

well said! love that quote, good food for thought!

Simply Sara said...

you are a treasure.

i love that you wrote that in your diary.

your heart has always been one to please Him!

i am proud of you and ready to get back into the atlantic myself!


Linda Z said...

I had a Holly Hobby bedroom! :)

This post brings conviction and encouragement to my heart. I have consistency issues I need to work on. And I love the map illustration... so true.

Good job getting all the way through! Awesome accomplishment! :)