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Monday, December 3, 2012

Count It All Joy.

A couple years ago I joined blog friend, Sarah Markley (who happens to be hosting a Lisa Leonard giveaway today), during Christmas and counted 100 Joys

That ended up being the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER (with exception of course to the very first OFF-THE-CHARTS Christmas)!

And I know why it was the BEST, because I was looking for the best.
While counting 100 Christmas joys:
My eyes were open in the mundane and as a result saw extraordinary. 
My desire became to be intentional and to create joy-filled memories.
I was more respective to the Spirit, and felt Him stirring the joy-pot inside me.

Yep, that was a great Christmas. 

That's why I'm giving it a go again this Advent season and counting 100 joys this Christmas.
I've got nothing to lose and every joy to gain.
#1. Day 1 of Advent= Coming, Expecting.  Chewing on these lyrics, "Rob our sin and make us holy, perfect son of God." 

#2. Kicking off the advent season with Gingerbread Rudolf pancakes served on Christmas plates, AND the first Christmas song we listen to every year, "Sleigh Ride," by Amy Grant. 

#3. During day 1 of operation "Deck the Halls,"  Josie collected 2 old nativities, a child's Christmas story book, and the mom from the dollhouse to play with on the dining room table.  For a short moment I thought a lot of myself because she had selected the mom to join this holy scene... until the mom began barking orders at the nativity "cast members" of a Christmas play. 
 (The before and after of Noah's Gingerbread Reindeer Pancakes- boys!)
#4. Making a yarn ball wreath with Emilie with recycled items. 
#5. 24 sales in the Kiss the Sky shop last week! Very thankful for God's provision, and that He teaches me that He is God whatever our circumstances. 
#6. Michael, who is hardworking and never complaining (between his full time job, KTS, and other odd jobs, he has been working loonnngg days). 

#7. For an invitation to a Christmas open house from new friends. 


Gingerbread pancake recipe here
For Rudolf: eyes-large marshmallow cut in half and chocolate chip for pupil, antlers- bacon, nose- strawberry. 

Wreath materials and brief how to: cardboard cut in desired wreath pattern. Cover with Strips of burlap- use glue gun. Cover old round ornaments with desired colors of yarn, and use glue-gun them to attach them to your burlap wreath.  I added colorful twigs with Christmas balls that I had on hand. 

Believe banner materials: Burlap, drop cloth (equals a lot of material in one $10 cloth), $1 ribbon, scanned letters from computer, and paint.   

 Live in Peace!


Laura said...

everything is AMAZING..

want that banner.

its me....
I'm back :-)


Amber - Binkertation said...

I'm enjoying the joys you are counting and love the idea for Rudolph pancakes. Those are getting made this weekend - mmm!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh yes... when we are *looking* it is always there to be seen! Love it. Love seeing your joys. Adorable pancakes... lol Sweet wreath and such a retty banner. :)

learning table said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog! Those pancakes are adorable--have to surprise my boys with some this week. Thanks for sharing your joys. :)

Gina said...

I love this idea, it's way too easy to get focused on the wrong things during Christmas time-think I'm going need to count some joys myself!

hannah singer said...

and the gingerbread pancakes. need.
YOU are a joy that i can count. love you!

Jenny Maddox said...

We have got to make those pancakes for our kiddos. The wreath is adorable!

christina said...

I am so making those pancakes!!!

Dana said...

I'm grateful that you stopped by my blog yesterday! This is such an uplifting post. The pancakes are so cute--my kids would love them--and I want to make that wreath. :)

I hope you have a Spirit-filled season!

Kelli said...

Love everything in this post...Love your cute wreath!! Love your cute pancakes...I have to make these for my kiddos. I love your banner!