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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prepare Him Room

Counting my joys has been transforming my yucky heart.  Uh huh, my heart has been filled with yuck- with comparison, pride, greed, and contempt (mostly toward myself).

It's hard to see straight when your heart is filled with yuck.

But this counting (which I know I should do, but when things are good I vainly conclude I'm fine without) enables me to see... SEE TRUTH.

Truth is a breath of fresh Air which washes away yuck.  And yuck had been strangling me.

All this fresh Air prepares room in my heart for Advent- for "coming, expecting;"  room for "Immanuel, God with us."

And the LORD is ALL I want and all I need my heart to be FILLED with.  Period.

 How is your heart this advent season? 
How can I pray for you?

#22. For a tender conversation with Emilie. For her sensitive and thoughtful heart.

#23. Driving the clan of jr. highers to youth group. They crack me up and bless me! Love these kids.
#24. Michael praying with me at early-thirty; that we are "together" though being pulled in different directions.

#25. Wisdom and encouragement from a fellow mom. 

#26.   Singing Christmas music loudly with the girls in the car- "Children, Go Where I Send Thee" (you should listen to the Darrell Hall & John Oats version. The best!) 
#27. Sharing sweet potato fries with Noah.

#28. Mama Holly & Papa Dan, who are generous with their lives and love to me and my family.

 Live in Peace!

Joy to the World canvas available in the Kiss the Sky shop. 
Thank you to my s.i.l., Lindsey, from "The Pleated Poppy" 
for allowing me use her darling home to photograph. 


learning table said...

Thanks for this reminder! :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Love to hear these joys are getting rid of that yuck. Love these posts. Beautiful photos too! :)

Laura said...

love how you are preparing!
we need to take just as much, if not, MORE time preparing our hearts, as we do our house.
so much decorating goes on on the outside...
when what truly matters is how we prepare on the inside.

being aware of the yuck is good.
because even in the yuck we find great joy!

Ginger said...

I need a lot of yuck cleaned up this season. Great post and reminder.

christina said...

case of the yucks is just the worst! thank you for the sweet reminder today!

{cuppakim} said...

you are probably the best junior high mom in the planet.

and i never EVER share sweet potato fries.
okay that's a lie. i do. all the time. i just dont LIKE to share.