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Friday, December 21, 2012

Transforming Joy

Counting my 100 joys this Christmas Season. 

#38. Feeling hopeful while reading "So Long Insecurity," by Beth Moore.  "I've had the exhilarating joy of winning many battles...but I have not won this particular battle against the stronghold of insecurity. YET. God help me I'm going to...thank God, a time comes in a willing life when you're ready to face a Goliath-sized foe (insecurity) all by itself and fight it to the stinking death."

#39. For much needed loving moments with my boy.

#40. In a conversation with Noah he said, "it took you to see me for me to see me."  I'm so grateful to the Spirit, who causes me to see Noah, reminds me of grace, and leads me to show respect and outward delight in my precious son.

 #41. Emilie sharing with me all she had read in our Christmas Memories book, which is filled with memories from our 16 yrs of married Christmases.

#42. Noah teaching Emilie to play guitar.  Listening to him be a kind, patient, encouraging instructor. 

#43. Not only have I been writing down my 100 joys this month, but so has my family.  Reading their joys has been my favorite joy of all. Seeing how joy transforms each of our souls and trickles into our attitudes makes me overjoyed!

Michael's joy #3. Denise! Denise! Denise! 

Noah's joy #19. Talking with Mommy. #20. Being loved.

Josie's joy #9. Making countdown to Christmas advents with my greatly "awsome" sister Emilie. 

Emilie's joy #50. For already being halfway through my 100 joys on Dec 17th, and realizing how many things I am thankful for everyday.  I have so many more joys than what I have written in this book!

(photo) Who needs an "Elf on a shelf" when you have a Josie made Daddy elf! 

Live in Peace!


{cuppakim} said...

i like that you documented your kids joys. :) and that yours are in abundance. God is good!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

"it took you to see me for me to see me"... that is so sweet. love how your whole family is writing down joys! daddy elf is too cute! xo

christina said...

haha love the elf! and love the joy's! hope you had a great christmas!!!!!

Kelli said...

Love your Elf! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.