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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Joy

Counting my 100 joys this Christmas Season.
Our Christmas eve and day (celebrated on Dec 22 & 23)
#69. Reading the word together, the kids delighting in their gifts,  Jesus' birthday breakfast sharing the ways He has been evident to us this year, followed by a relaxing day at home together, sharing a yummy Christmas dinner, and topping off the evening with Speed Christmas Scrabble (double points for Christmas words, and 50 points for the word "Christmas") 
(thanks Nana & Gramps for the Disneyland tickets. We're just a little A LOT excited)

#70. How the kids delighted in their simple gifts from each other.

#71. Watching the girls Just Dance 4. They crack me up!

#72. Noah said one of the ways he has seen Jesus this year has been through our conversations with each other. *love*

#73. Affection from Noah.
(the kids gift to us. YUM!)

#74.  Sweet words to me from my first pastor, Phil Rohrer.

(Christmas Eve)
#75. Michael who cares for me and generously gives himself up for me (left Christmas eve service to find a pharmacy to get me much needed meds).

#76.  The surprise of Christmas carolers at 9:15 on Christmas eve (my sister's house)!  A talented group of carolers sang and danced and blessed us good!

#77. Christmas morning, and being taken by the hand by my excited nephew Kole to see the full stockings (little hand tucked into mine is the best).

#78. Watching " Michael Michael" (uncle Michael) and Noah be playful and affectionate with Kodie and Kole.

#79. Christmas with 37 of the Teodosio family members (quiet a few were missed)! My family is the best (Thank you "Joseph & Mary!")
 #80. Seeing the newest member of the Teodosio family, Daniel (7 months), and getting darling smiles from him.

#81. "Favorite Aunt Violet's chocolate covered peanut butter balls- which every year she says, " I didn't make them," but always does especially for me. Then seeing her bless each of the kids with thoughtful gifts (reminded me of Christmas 1980 when she got me my first Barbie- Kissing Barbie. I still have her Favorite Aunt Violet).

(Day after Christmas)
#82. Surprising the kids with a donut breakfast (snowmen donuts made by me, and delicious not pictured homemade donuts made by my b.i.l., steve). 
 #83. Cuddling with my nephews and getting LOTS of kisses.  

#84. Seeing Les Miserable with my sister, aunts Vera and Hilda, and cousin Michelle.

#85. My grandmother. I love her, and how she cares for me.

#86. Brilliant clouds and a vivid rainbow on our drive home, and a family who indulges me and pulled over to take photos. 



Laura said...

your Christmas looks beautiful!!!!

so nice to know people who seek out the JOY
no matter what
no matter the situation
i love how you do that

merry Christmas to you and your awesome family, and prayers for a blessed, new year!

Joy Kinard said...


I love these posts! You have a precious family! So thankful you share these sweet memories with us!



Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

What a fantastic Christmas celebration! Looks like so much fun. So much love. So much joy. New Year's blessings, sweet friend. xo

{cuppakim} said...

your kids are such great gift givers. and that RAINBOW!!! :) i LOVE it. was that on the 23rd? we had a 3 hour rainbow over here that day. God is GOOD.

happy new year friend!

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

Enjoyed reading through some of your many Christmas joys : )

christina said...

you can see the love in your photos!