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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


dear emilie, 
i like you.
i like that you are tender, compassionate, and love people out loud.  you are intentional about relationships, the words you use, about details.

i watch how you bless people- i see the way you delight in and love others (especially your sister and brother).   i ABSOLUTELY LOVE that about you!!

i wish i had your energy, diligence, motivation, and enthusiasm to attempt new things.
your so brave.
emilie 11 #2collage
you are so pretty, but even more you are beautiful with the type of beauty that comes from the inside and causes you to be radiant on the outside!

i've loved watching you be intentional about Jesus. i see you growing in your own relationship with him. i see you seeking his face and his heart.

i think about when you were born 11 years ago (7 weeks early). i'm reminded of that scary week in the hospital with our premature baby. at one point daddy and i were told how your heart was beating rapidly, and that your breathing needed to regulate.  we stepped out of the nicu and stepped into the throne room to pray, and there we laid our request before our Father.  we asked for him to place your head on his chest, that you would listen to the rhythm of his heart, that your heartbeat would beat with his heartbeat.  moments later we returned to the nicu and were told that your heartbeat and breathing had regulated.  our response to the nurses was, "i know."  
emilie, your heart still beats with his heartbeat (tears).  
you live to the beat of his heart.
emilie 11collage

you inspire me.

i love you my sweet emilie.

hApPy BiRtHdAy!


Bette said...

happy Birthday to Emilie. I love those pictures

Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful words, beautiful girl (inside and out). Happy Birthday, Emilie!

Charissa Steyn said...

Very sweet little letter:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Denise you got me all weepy here. She is a lovely girl. I think she gets it from her mama. :)

deb said...

so so beautiful.
tears here too.
Happy Birthday to your daughter,
and love to the Birth Mamma.

Sarah Markley said...


made me miss your family.

Alexis said...

Ah! I so love this post! A child is a true reflection of her parents. Good job mom!

Simply Sara said...

a big happy birthday to your sweetie!

that heartbeat story made my heart smile.
i love that she lives to the beat of His heart.
love that.

what a beautiful post!

Tatiana said...

Hi, I'm new here but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to your little girl. And the part about her heart beating to the beat of Jesus' heart...goosebumps!

UNFinished said...

our first granddaughter captivated our hearts. we had already prayed for your Heavenly Father to hold you close to his heart as we prayed for your mother. Your precious and blessed mother needed His healing power in her body when you surprised us all and arrived in His time. Little did we know what He had blessed us with. A baby so sweet, a toddler so impish and a young girl with such a tender heart. I remember well we you loved on my dad when he was in the hospital. You touched my heart with your loving care and I know he saw Jesus in you that weekend. Thank you.

I love you sweet girl. Nana