To Read on the Journey

Friday, June 11, 2010


 i'm home. 
 maycation evolved into "i-don't-care-cation" and "carbcation"
(let's just say my muffin top is now a full fledged muffin).
we had a wonderful two weeks, spent with 
blog friends, old friends, and family.  
we had visitors EVERYDAY
(i'm wiped out!).
i am grateful for conversations, laughter, 
worship, relaxation, community,
and grace
(there were a number of times i needed it).

i'm glad to be home.  

home is...

the five of us,

the sound of the girls playing the piano,

conversations with my Father as i take in the view from my kitchen window,

noah curled up in a chair with his nose in a book, 

clothes on the clothesline,

the smell of freshly cut grass, 

the neighbor boy over to play, 

michael tinkering in the garden,

  little hands helping with dinner,  

playing my guitar on the porch swing; joined by young worshipers, 

board games with daddy, 

good night kisses, and whispering "Jesus," 

 ending the day in michael's arms...

it's good to be home.  

What do you love about home?  


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Welcome back! Glad you had fun.

I love so many things about home. I think the main thing is just knowing it's home and all the familiarities that go with it.

Sarah Markley said...

beautiful. i'm glad you are home. i love home too.

miss you

Simply Sara said...

missed you.
glad you had a such a wonderful time.
don't worry, my muffin top has expanded too.

your home sounds so very lovely.
i want to come over :)

what do i love about home?
- staying in my pajamas until naptime
-my girls dressing up at princesses
-my boy with HIS nose in a book
-baking cookies with little hands who like to grab at the batter... and little mouths who love to lick the beaters
-sitting on the couch next to Chris practicing my knitting ;)
- quiet time in the morning with the One who makes all things right.
- lovely evening walks in the cool breeze
- worship music playing all day in the background... and hearing my kids start to sing along.....

Paige said...

Yeah! Welcome home! I think it is the comfort of home...the comfort of the familiar. But those maycations are important to remind us what it is to be "home".

Glad you are back!


gideonmommasita said...

Welcome Back!
I love
-the table covered in drawings and their supplies
-lunch concoctions that boys come up with
-stacks of library books on the floor
-the local christian radio station playing on the kitchen radio.