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Monday, June 21, 2010

eat it all

we had a full weekend...

camping in the back yard, protected by our fierce guard dog, belle (a.k.a. "jelly belly").

hanging out with cousins, luke  and nicolas, visiting from hawaii.
which included an ice cream outing, where we received a stern warning from the c.h.p. to abide by the "snack law," and do as the ice cream cone says, "eat it all." (he also informed us that eating brussle sprouts was illegal).
ice cream cousins

a graduation party (sorry no pix).  three table decorations (fish) came home with us. two remain. fish food has been bought, and the kids have promised to be 100% responsible for their latest pets. ( it's already looking grim for these two).

"E" is for emma... sewed a homemade birthday gift. cost for t-shirt and materials, $7.
e is for emma

went to a father's day matinee, Toy Story 3 (accompanied by many tears because Andy's going to college,) followed by father's day dinner with the rogers and allens.
the girls found the dress up clothes in the attic to entertain them, the boy's played "risk," and papa dan played his guitar.  being with the rogers and the allens feels like home to me. it is good to have people who are home.
  roger's father's day

what did you do for father's day weekend?


Anonymous said...

The weekend sounds great. fingers crossed that the fish have a nice long life. haha. One of mine from middle school lived for about 7 years. Looking bright for you.

Simply Sara said...

oh i'm glad somebody finally made it illegal to eat brussle sprouts! eww. eww. eww. chris loves them and sometimes when i'm feeling extra nice i might prepare them for him. but it is rare. now i can just tell him it's against the law ;)

your family is so, so, SO fun.
seriously i think you might be the coolest family i know.

miss you.

p.s my kids would be in heaven with that dog costume!

p.p.s tres impressed with your sewing skills! i need to blow the dust off my machine and get cracking again.

Paige said...

I love that home feeling when you are not actually with your "blood" family. Those friends are few and far between and I am ok with that considering all that they know! :) I wish I could sew. I am beginning to think that with half the people I follow in blogville able to sew and the others are so creative in other areas I am out of my league!!!!!

I can relate to EAT IT ALL though. THAT I have no problem with...have you finished the cereal yet? :)

Bella Della said...

Oh my gosh...your blog is adorable. You are adorable (and totally look like my college roomie), and your family is adorable. Adding you to my blog list now. I'll be back for sure.

What a fab weekend you guys had!